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Light Energy New Generation Optical Reserve Power Station System

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Light Energy New Generation Optical Reserve Power Station System

After successful national seminars held across East China, Central China, South China, North China, and Northwest China, Light Energy is set to unveil its revolutionary next-generation optical reserve power station system on the opening day of the Shanghai SNEC exhibition, May 24th.

Optical storage power station system上海SNEC展会首日,天合光能面向全球重磅发布新一代光储电站系统。

The comprehensive system solution includes the latest 210+N-type high-efficiency components, advanced tracking brackets, and cutting-edge energy storage systems. It not only features "storage," and "intelligence," but also provides top-notch service. This integrated approach significantly enhances the "subjective energy movement" of the power station, incorporating frontier technology and an innovative model to deliver unparalleled economic benefits to our valued customers.

At the SNEC exhibition, Light Energy's booth was abuzz with excitement, drawing large crowds and enthusiastic visitors. In the presence of esteemed attendees, including Yang Bao, the President of Light Energy China, Li Daoyi, the President of Asia Pacific, and Gonzalo de La Viña, the President of the European and African region, the company made its mark on the international stage. Next, Light Energy is all set to showcase its brilliance at Intersola EUROPE in Munich, Germany.


The new generation of photovoltaic power station systems embodies the industry's leading technical advancements. The core breakthrough lies in the transition from passive to active solar energy utilization—an attribute that will undoubtedly shape the future of photovoltaic power stations.

Tang Zhengkai, Product Market Director of Light Energy China, revealed that the system actively drives photovoltaic components to "chase" the sun through intelligent tracking brackets. Compared to conventional fixed brackets, this innovative approach can increase system power generation by 15%-20% while providing a smoother photovoltaic power generation curve throughout the day. Light Energy's tracking intelligent solutions are adaptable to diverse scenarios, including sandy areas, beaches, and slopes.

The new generation of photovoltaic power station system

Maximizing the power output is pivotal in reducing the system BOS (Balance of System) cost. Currently, 600W+ components have become the standard for new-generation power stations. Light Energy excels in this area, offering scenario-based differentiated product solutions to the entire industry. In third-party tests conducted by TüV South Germany Hainan, Light Energy's Extreme N-type double-sided components outperformed P-type double-sided components by an impressive 5.87% in power generation, with further advantages demonstrated in high-temperature and high-reflection regions.

Reduce system BOS cost

A case study in Qinghai, China, highlights the benefits of deploying Light Energy's Supreme N-type 605W series components, which can save approximately 3.54 million yuan per 100MW power station compared to general N-type components.

605W solar plant

Beyond the integration of high-efficiency components and tracking systems, energy storage plays a pivotal role in granting the new generation of optical reserve power station systems the ability to "actively manipulate" energy flow.

Photovoltaic power station system

Light Energy's next-generation optical reserve power station system boasts advanced solutions, reliable products, and high-quality services. The comprehensive offering includes an integrated and unified docking service window that covers components, brackets, and energy storage solutions. This full-cycle approach addresses all aspects, from pre-sales technology support to quality production management and comprehensive after-sales warranty services. By streamlining project construction communication and ensuring seamless application of cutting-edge technology, Light Energy enhances service efficiency, meeting the industry's rapid development and iterative solution upgrades, while actively contributing to the realization of a zero-carbon future.

Optical storage power station system



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