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  • [Company News] Power Storage Revolution: Emerging Technologies and Business Opportunities in the European Market


    Due to the increase in electricity demand in Europe, solar power generation has certain advantages in various types of production of electrical energy. In response to Europe's old house renovation policy and traditional photovoltaic solar panels, we launched a new building material - cadmium telluride thin film solar photovoltaic glass. In the face of declining wind power generation and high electricity prices, we can add value to the European electricity market and reduce additional high electricity costs. Read More
  • [Company News] CdTe Solar Glass: A Green Window For Future Buildings


    Why do buildings matter for clean energy transitions? Read More
  • [Company News] Solar Glass Solutions: Powering Renovation Of Old Houses Sustainably


    BRUSSELS, March 14, 2023 (Reuters) - Buildings across Europe could be renovated to cut emissions and save energy after the European Parliament on Tuesday approved a bill that aims to lower households' energy bills and wean EU countries off Russian gas faster. "Soaring energy prices have put the focus on energy efficiency and energy saving measures. Improving the performance of Europe’s buildings will reduce bills and our dependence on energy imports," said Ciaran Cuffe, lead lawmaker on the rules. According to the Commission buildings are responsible for around 40 percent of energy consumption and around a third of greenhouse gas emissions in the EU. If houses are better insulated or modern heating systems are used, this can significantly reduce energy requirements. Read More
  • [Company News] How To Choose Perfect Thin Film Solar Panels


    This guide introduces the characteristics of this type of solar panel and discusses the various technologies and terminology you need to know when choosing one. Read More
  • [Company News] Powering The Future: BIPV's Impact On Urban Development


    The previous article introduced what is BIPV is and its application scenarios, but why do we strongly recommend BIPV to everyone? The following will bring you the historical background and development process of BIPV, so that you can have a deeper understanding of BIPV and apply it to the construction of our cities and homes. Read More
  • [Company News] Building a Greener Tomorrow: Exploring BIPV Technology


    BIPV in particular has certain pros: Cost effectiveness Integrated photovoltaics serve the function of the traditional building material they are replacing (eg cladding or roof tiles), meaning you save on buying those materials but do pay extra for the PV components and electrical installation. The system does of course generate free electricity, which gives its return on investment. Some types of BIPV, such as solar glass, also bring additional savings through their insulating properties. Design By weaving PV into the design of the building, you can add architectural interest through striking solar glass or shading structures. You also have a lot more flexibility in the design, since the panels can be manufactured and installed to be as discreet as possible, or built as their own design feature that highlights a commitment to sustainability. Read More
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