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  • [Company News] Enlightening Minds, Empowering Buildings: Exploring BIPV Systems for Sustainable Education in Saudi Arabia


    With an understanding of Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) and BIPV technology, innovative thinking and meticulous planning have been applied to the design and simulation of the (AR) educational building BIPV system. Researchers in Saudi Arabia are beginning to explore the potential of BIPV in educational building architecture, considering factors such as building orientation, sunlight exposure, energy demands, and aesthetic integration. (Fig 8. The educational building consists of four floors with large glass curtain walls.) Read More
  • [Company News] Rising on Solar Wings: Exploring the Architectural Innovation of Solar Glass


    The hotel lobby employs sloped solar glass with varying levels of transparency for its roof design, improving natural lighting and ventilation in the deep podium area. The angle between the roof and the horizontal plane is carefully adjusted to balance power generation efficiency and indoor spatial perception. After simulating and comparing various levels of light transmittance, a 40% light transmittance solar glass was selected to achieve the optimal balance between interior transparency and shading requirements, creating a comfortable indoor environment. The skylight glass consists of triple-laminated, two-cavity tempered ultra-clear glass, with solar cells located in the outer laminated glass, effectively absorbing solar radiation and providing thermal insulation to reduce air conditioning load. Read More
  • [Company News] European BIPV Case Sharing || Sweden's Colorful Solar Facade for Multi-Storey Garage


    The solar facade consists of 1,096 pieces of semi-transparent CdTe thin-film solar glass, each sized 1,200mm x 600mm x 6.8mm, covering a total area of 0.72 square meters. The unique feature of this glass lies in the thin black lines embedded within the double-layer glass interlayer, visible only within a distance of less than two meters. Beyond that distance, only the color of the entire panel is visible. (CdTe thin-film solar panels are available in red, blue, orange, and green.) Read More
  • [Company News] WOW! Can Solar Glass Be Installed Underwater?


    In addition to the exquisite lighting effects at night, Fountain Square is most remarkable for incorporating cadmium telluride solar glass products underwater, making them an integral part of the water feature. This aspect poses the greatest challenge and difficulty for the project. On one hand, it demands extremely high waterproof performance for solar glass products, and on the other hand, it presents challenges in waterproofing during the construction process. Read More
  • [Company News] BIPV Case Sharing | Solar Glass Realizes Your Whimsical Ideas


    According to different application scenarios, usage functions or installation heights, TERLI CdTe solar glass building materials can provide various customized services such as glass thickness, transparency and patterns to meet architectural design requirements. Based on the proprietary CdTe Thin-film Solar Cell Technology's advantages in properties and application scenarios, TERLI has positioned itself in the field of building-integrated photovoltaics. As of now, we have developed eight major categories of CdTe solar building materials products, including curtain walls, roof tiles, bricks and railings, comprising over 50 varieties suitable for different building application scenarios. Read More
  • [Company News] MAD & Solar Glass Unveils The Enchanting "Forest Train Station" in Jiaxing


    Jiaxing Train Station ingeniously transformed the "fifth facade" (rooftop) into an "ecological fifth facade" by using solar glass materials. This not only highlighted the aesthetic function of the roof but also served as a bold exploration and experimentation with clean, green photovoltaic technology on building rooftops. The project exemplifies the "green building concept," setting an essential precedent for the construction and transformation of public buildings, including high-speed railway stations, airports, exhibition centers, and shopping malls. Read More
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