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Energy storage space module PACK assembly line Total view

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Energy storage space module PACK assembly line Total view

The PACK production line of power storage battery packs normally refers to the organic mix of each battery pack module. Their procedure is separated into three components: manufacturing, setting up, and product packaging.

Each module of the battery pack

The concept of the power storage battery pack PACK automated assembly line is to realize smart, automated production to produce battery pack processes, link the equipment of the top and reduce procedures, and cooperate with individuals with automatic tools. Completed and ensure the quality of battery packs, enhanced manufacturing effectiveness, and one automatic device in each procedure to achieve the adaptability and versatility of automatic production lines.

Energy storage battery pack

The needed tools:

The equipment required for the automatic assembly line is a battery sorting machine, automated brace equipment, automated point welding equipment, an automated lock PCB screw device, self-weld equipment, shell lock screw equipment, a battery pack thorough test, + laser two measurement code MSS system

Equipment required for automatic production line

Electric component material-- OCV test and also code scanning -battery spot adhesive and also detection -battery profits polar detection -module form group -endboard setting up -component plastic pressing-- lock screw belt-- printing/printing/printing/ publishing Paste code-- CCD images before welding -Extreme Column Laser cleansing-- Connect Flowing Electric Motor Setup -Stream Elementary Laser Welding-- Converter Elementary Setup Folder Load -after Welding Artificial Vedicia and also Dust Dirt-- Fabricated Installment Cable Bouncing-- EOL Examination-- Setup-- Installment-- Module automatic offline

Energy storage battery PACK production line advantage is:

Energy storage battery PACK production line advantage

1. Total features, you can personalize according to consumer demands to satisfy the different production needs of customers;

Factory mass production

2. Decrease costs, utilize computerized assembly lines, resolve insufficient workforce, successfully decrease manufacturing costs, and enhance manufacturing performance.

3. Enhance the top quality; the production line embraces advanced modern technology and os, which is trustworthy and secure to ensure the top quality of battery PACK, thus improving the product's reliability.

Improve quality,

Technical needs for lithium battery power storage space component production line

1. The general technological needs of the whole PACK assembly line are as adheres to:

important data

Correction approach: Material distribution through AGV, incorporated setting up, testing, welding, and various other work stations. The type of artificially included auxiliary tools while building MES systems, accumulating and counting very important data.

1.) Production public auction: 6 S/Cores (process a cell at 6 secs, converted into manufacturing effectiveness 10ppm).

2.) The examination of the tools joint should be carried out based on the criteria authorized by Event A, and the examination will certainly be carried out after the production of Event A's manufacturing facility in mass production.

3.) Real output beats should be achieved within 90 days of SOP;

4.) Popular activity price > 98%( real begin time/production hrs of tools);.

5.) Great price: The scrap price brought on by the devices <0.1%, the design requirements of the tools six months after the tools arrived; the one-pass price of the tools was 98%, and also the total credentials price after repair services was ≥ 99.9%;

The entire line grasp the cell must have the anti -drop function;

6.) Different test information in the procedure and all the tightening up information of the firm's firm and tightening data can be videotaped on the server. Also, the operating data can be checked.

All supporting equipment

7.) All sustaining tools and devices on all assembly lines should be included in the quotation, including but not limited to the material AGV vehicle before the production line and the material transfer of products on the assembly line.

8.) While doing so, NG items require to have a different NG export and set up a tiny obtaining product vehicle;

Configure a small receiving material vehicle

9.) The entire line grasp of the cell need to have the anti-decrease function;

10.) Publish celebration A logo design, shade, and logo design on the gadget.

11.) Core equipment requires using first-tier brands in the house and abroad. The selection of tools calls for Party A's authorization before use.

12.) Each terminal needs to be outfitted with corresponding fire protection measures, and safety measures such as safety and security fences and electronic grating are needed on the production line.

Security measure

13.).Pack is equipped with a packing machine for independent packaging

independent packaging



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