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Some Procedures of Shenzhen to Support the Accelerated Growth of Electrochemical Energy Storage Sector

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Some Procedures of Shenzhen to Support the Accelerated Growth of Electrochemical Energy Storage Sector

In order to confiscate the development possibilities of the international electrochemical energy storage market as well as develop a world-class new energy storage market center, according to the "Shenzhen People's Federal government's Point of views on Developing as well as Reinforcing Strategic Arising Market Collections and Growing and Establishing Future Industries" "Shenzhen Grows and also Creates New Energy The Action Prepare For Industrial Collections (2022-2025) "A Number Of Measures for Promoting the High-Quality Growth of Green and also Low-Carbon Industries in Shenzhen" and other records, formulate this measure

Key support agencies and fields

1. Secret Supporting Institutions as well as Area

This action relates to business that have actually been signed up as well as have independent lawful individual certifications and participate in r & d, production as well as service of electrochemical energy storage space, in addition to other institutions, social organizations, private non-enterprises as well as various other establishments. This step focuses on sustaining resources, parts, process tools, battery components, battery management systems, energy management systems, converters, system combination, building and construction and also operation, market solutions, battery recycling as well as Thorough use and various other key areas of the chain, and support based on the suggested plans.

Global Electrochemical Energy Storage Industry

2. Develop a new commercial ecology

( 1) Improve the radiation capability of the major chain. Encourage environmental leaders such as cell components as well as system assimilation to provide growth solutions for upstream as well as downstream ventures, and also supply discount support for the operating car loan passion of supply chain enterprises in accordance with laws.

Advanced manufacturing level of energy storage

( 2) Boost the strength of business services. Proactively present energy storage-related companies, and incentive firms that make unique industrial contributions based on prescribed plans. Offer full play to the advantages of community state-owned business, present vital core innovations, abilities and also jobs of the power storage sector chain, and assist the transformation and also updating of the energy storage space market.

( 3) Speed up the stabilization of the commercial chain as well as supply. Give full play to the function of neighborhood ecological chain primary ventures in "buying company" as well as support business to develop a mineral source trading platform relying on the Qianhai United Trading Center. Actively introduce makers of power storage-related electronic parts and also large power main enterprises, and remain to improve the protection as well as stability of the energy storage space sector chain.

Energy Storage Industrial Park

( 4) Advertise the control of components of the commercial chain. Enhance the upstream and downstream sychronisation of the commercial chain, assist develop a world-class new power storage industry center, as well as sustain the growth of social companies such as partnerships. Increase the introduction of premium talents as well as teams in the field of power storage in the house as well as abroad, and also cultivate elderly technical skills in vital instructions of the market.

Industrial innovation ability

3. Improve commercial innovation capabilities

( 5) Strengthen core technology research and development. Carry out methodical research and development of core key innovations as well as next-generation storage technologies for long-life, high-safety battery systems as well as massive, large-capacity, as well as high-efficiency energy storage systems, and encourage business to create joint technology bodies with colleges as well as clinical research establishments to tackle crucial issues.

New industrial ecology

( 6) Layout as well as building of ingenious providers. Dealing with the development requirements of high-safety, inexpensive, as well as long-life energy storage batteries, a variety of essential research laboratories, engineering research centers, business technology centers, industrial advancement facilities, and producing development centers will certainly be built. National development carriers such as approved nationwide vital laboratories and also national engineering research centers will certainly be supported based on pertinent plans.

Domestic and foreign energy storage fields

( 7) Strengthen the assurance of typical formulation. Assistance business to join the solution and also revision of international requirements, nationwide criteria, industry criteria, and also neighborhood requirements in the field of power storage space Encourage enterprises, colleges as well as scientific research institutions to take the lead in developing neighborhood criteria for energy storage space, and also offer priority to task approval and also release of criteria that meet the needs. Urge business to proactively take on the job of the secretariat or convener of international standardization technical boards, sub-committees, as well as functioning teams in the field of energy storage space.

Energy Storage Industry Intellectual Property Alliance

( 8) Promoting the creation and use of copyright rights. Encourage enterprises, institution of higher learnings, and also scientific research study organizations to establish high-value license cultivation designs in the field of electrochemical power storage. Support little, medium and mini ventures in the energy storage space industry to acquire patent transfer or patent implementation licenses from domestic colleges or research institutes. Support the Power Storage Space Industry Intellectual Property Alliance to perform copyright data source building, license pool establishment as well as various other work.

( 9) Construct a civil service platform. Motivate leading business to connect upstream as well as downstream supply chains, and university r & d institutions to develop civil service platforms for common innovation r & d, inspection and also screening, market expansion, platform procedure solutions, as well as security warnings.

With energy storage as the main body

4. Improve the sophisticated manufacturing level of power storage.

( 10) Build power storage industrial parks with high standards. According to the city's commercial preparation, construct a batch of power storage R&D and also production parks. Encourage all areas to optimize supporting centers in the park, reinforce water as well as power supply warranties, and develop supporting facilities for innovative sewage therapy and reuse. Reinforce the execution of safety and security responsibilities, and also strengthen the security monitoring of the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain and all links of application. Proactively overview major enterprises to jointly establish battery reusing network channels in the house and also abroad.

Overseas financial services level

( 11) Accelerate the massive automation of innovative products. Motivate business to personalize power storage space items around market demand, and construct pilot assembly line for crucial areas such as basic materials, parts, battery components, as well as control systems. Assistance business in applying jobs for the automation of independent development achievements, as well as supply classified support for production line technical makeover jobs applied by business.

Energy storage battery

( 12) Strengthen the brand name result of "Made in Shenzhen". Motivate business to boost the service top quality and also brand name influence of energy storage products, support the holding of high-standard power storage exhibits and discussion forums, as well as further improve the influence of "premium energy storage space made in Shenzhen".

5. Maximizing the building and construction of power storage space organization models

( 13) Gradually expand the demo application of sophisticated power storage space tasks. Assistance the versatile allocation and also storage space of neighborhood coal-fired as well as gas-fired power plants, as well as boost the level of power safety and also general system performance. Assistance the diversified development of user-side energy storage space, as well as explore brand-new scenarios for the integrated advancement of power storage space such as huge data centers as well as industrial parks.

Energy storage industry chain

( 14) Expand the business version of a network of electric power charging, storage space and storage with brand-new power storage as the main body. Enhance the reliable collaboration of "intelligent equipment + scene-based applications" to produce a case in point of power safety and resilience cities. Focus on carrying out smart improvement presentations for normal power storage scenarios. Organizing the exact reaction of city-level virtual power plants for Shenzhen's particular scenarios, and also improving as well as maximizing the new system for the involvement of numerous power storage entities.

High safety, low cost, long -life energy storage battery

( 15) Discover the presentation of a huge information network model with energy storage space as the main body. Counting on the Shenzhen online power plant monitoring cloud platform to develop an on the internet tracking system for electrochemical energy storage. Urge business to build online tracking systems for energy storage space, and breed electrochemical power storage space data trading solution items. Assistance ventures to land an international power storage information solution center.

6. Speed up the growth of commercial globalization

( 16) Assistance enterprises to broaden domestic and foreign markets. Proactively promote the Shenzhen power storage brand in key participation locations. Encourage massive energy main business that have tactical collaboration with Shenzhen to acquire energy storage items in Shenzhen. Strengthen the supporting solution features of the city's overseas economic and also profession representative offices, and also aid ventures broaden their sales markets in vital locations of the city's "going global". Increase the procedure of overseas contracting and also building of energy storage space jobs by local enterprises.

( 17) Assistance power storage space overseas market gain access to certification. Attract assessment, screening and accreditation companies to resolve in Shenzhen. Support enterprises to speed up international market access certification, as well as proactively request maritime transportation certificates.

( 18) Boost the export and transportation capability of power storage batteries. Enhance the transportation service capacity of unsafe chemicals in Xiaomo International Logistics Port, optimize the supporting security and emergency infrastructure building of Yantian, Nanshan, Baoan Port Area and Xiaomo International Logistics Port, as well as further optimize and improve the level of electrochemical energy storage delivery.

( 19) Improving the level of abroad economic solutions. Boost the solution degree of financial terminals and also monetary service platforms for power storage business, offer full play to the function of municipal unique funds, brand-new energy industry collection guidance funds, environment-friendly money and also other devices, as well as additionally increase corporate financing channels. Customized special service plans for electrochemical power storage business and also Shenzhen business buying abroad power storage space power station jobs.

Domestic and foreign economic and trade activities

20) Assistance business to take part in domestic as well as foreign financial and profession activities. Assistance exhibit coordinators to arrange groups of energy storage ventures in this city to take part in residential exhibits outside the city, and also encourage certified enterprises to participate in large-scale overseas exhibits of electrochemical energy storage.

7. Supplementary Provisions

This measure shall be interpreted by the Municipal Advancement and also Reform Payment. During the implementation duration, if relevant nationwide, provincial and also metropolitan policies and also guidelines are changed, this action will certainly be adjusted accordingly. Each liable unit shall create as well as promote implementation guidelines or running procedures in a prompt way. Urge each district to develop extra supporting actions separately according to the attributes of commercial planning as well as design. This step and other comparable preferential measures in this city shall be proclaimed by ventures individually, as well as no repeated funding will be offered.



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