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What are the difficulties in the recycling of lithium iron phosphate batteries?

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What are the difficulties in the recycling of lithium iron phosphate batteries?


Lithium iron phosphate batteries have the chemical materials of LiPF6, organic carbonate, copper. As well as the above three materials are done in the national hazardous waste list.LiPF6 is highly destructive and easily decomposes in contact with water to generate HF; natural solvents as well as their disintegration as well as hydrolysis items will certainly trigger major air pollution to the ambience, water, soil, as well as hurt the environment; Heavy metals such as copper gather in the atmosphere and also ultimately endanger human beings with the organic chain; when phosphorus gets in lakes and also other water bodies, it is extremely simple to trigger eutrophication of water bodies. It can be seen that if the discarded lithium iron phosphate batteries are not recycled, it will cause excellent harm to the environment as well as human health and wellness.

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With the quick advancement of the residential electrical vehicle sector, the demand for lithium iron phosphate batteries has additionally raised swiftly. A lot of lithium iron phosphate power batteries have actually been ditched and also gone into the recycling phase. The lithium battery recycling market has shown eruptive growth., What are the existing problems of lithium iron phosphate battery recycling?

1. The recycling technology is immature

Existing details shows that the recycling of waste lithium iron phosphate batteries is separated right into 2 kinds: one is to recover metals, and also the other is to restore lithium iron phosphate cathode products.

( 1. Damp healing of lithium as well as iron

This type of procedure is generally to recoup lithium. Since lithium iron phosphate does not contain precious metals, the recuperation process of lithium cobaltate is customized. Firstly, the lithium iron phosphate battery is taken apart to obtain the favorable electrode product, which is pulverized as well as sieved to acquire powder; after that the alkaline option is included in the powder to liquify aluminum as well as light weight aluminum oxides, and also the filter residue containing lithium, iron, etc is gotten by filtration; The combined remedy of sulfuric acid and also hydrogen peroxide (minimizing representative) is leached to acquire seeping solution; including alkali to speed up ferric hydroxide, and also filtering system to obtain filtrate; melting ferric hydroxide to acquire ferric oxide; lastly changing the pH value of leaching remedy (5.0 ~ 8.0), filtering The filtrate is gotten from the leaching solution, as well as strong sodium carbonate is contributed to focus and also crystallize to get lithium carbonate.


( 2. Restored lithium iron phosphate

The single healing of a specific element makes the economic benefit of the recuperation of lithium iron phosphate without precious metals reasonably low. As a result, the solid-phase regeneration of lithium iron phosphate is mainly used to deal with waste lithium iron phosphate batteries. This process has high recovery benefits as well as high comprehensive application rate of resources.

Firstly, the lithium iron phosphate battery is taken apart to obtain the positive electrode material, which is crushed and sieved to obtain powder; after that, the recurring graphite and binder are eliminated by heat treatment, and after that the alkaline remedy is included in the powder to liquify light weight aluminum as well as aluminum oxides; Filter deposit including lithium, iron, etc, examine the molar ratio of iron, lithium as well as phosphorus in the filter deposit, include iron resource, lithium resource and phosphorus source, readjust the molar ratio of iron, lithium as well as phosphorus to 1:1:1; add carbon source, After ball milling, the brand-new lithium iron phosphate cathode material is acquired by calcining in an inert atmosphere.

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Second, the reusing system is not excellent

Although the qualified divisions and enterprises intensely promote lithium iron phosphate batteries, because of the large number of cars being geared up, reusing is still in its early stage, the existing recycling system is not perfect, and an expert vehicle power battery reusing system has not yet been developed. The existing recycling system has particular troubles, and also the recycling performance is reduced. This problem is mostly triggered by the complying with facets:

1. Less recyclable amount

A large number of used batteries are spread in the hands of individuals, however the people have no location to place them, so they are dealt with along with residential waste, to make sure that the variety of utilized batteries recuperated from individuals is almost no. Scrap or old products in stock, the variety of huge power batteries recuperated is also less.

2. The recycling system is not best

A system dedicated to recycling batteries has actually not yet been established in China, as well as it is primarily the comprehensive collection of small workshops. my nation is a significant manufacturer and consumer of lithium-ion batteries, yet due to its huge population, the per head battery possession is relatively small. For a long period of time, reusing business did not reuse specific lithium-ion batteries that had no recycling value.

3. High barriers to entry

If an enterprise wishes to reuse and also throw away made use of batteries, it should get a hazardous waste service license based on the "Environmental Protection Law of the People's Republic of China" and also the "Management Procedures for Hazardous Waste Experience Allows". However, there are a great deal of small as well as low-tech companies, which create the trouble that batteries can not be accumulated in a centralized manner.

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4. High recuperation expense

A a great deal of lithium iron phosphate materials are utilized in the favorable electrode of power or power storage batteries, as well as the need is far more than that of ordinary small batteries. Reusing them has high social value, yet the recycling expense is high, and also lithium iron phosphate batteries do not include valuable Steels with reduced financial worth.

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5. Weak understanding of recycling

For a long period of time, there has actually been little promotion and education and learning on the recycling of used batteries in my nation, resulting in a lack of people' extensive understanding of the pollution threats of used batteries, and no recognition of conscious recycling.



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