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48V 10kw All in One 48V Energy Storage Battery

5kW+5kWh+5kWh+5kWh Household All-in-One Standby Power Supply Solar Generator Office Home Solar Energy Storage System ESS LiFePO4 Battery Bank Power Wall Series 5kwh 10kwh 15kwh 20kwh

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All in one 1 battery

Safety: LiFePO4 is the safest lithium-ion battery cathode material, not burning and explosion.

Environmental Protection: LiFePO4 does not contain any harmful heavy metal elements, pollution-free both in production and actual use.

Long Cycle Life: Can be charged and discharged more than 2000 times @ 80% DOD, 6000 times @ 80% DOD

Light Weight: LiFePO4 battery is lighter and smaller than Lead-acid battery / Gel battery.

Function Protection: LiFePO4 battery built in BMS has over charge, over discharge, over temp, short circuit protection etc...

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Q1: What products do you offer?

Our main products is Lithium Ion Batteries. Now we can offer Home Energy Storage, Telecom Battery, Battery Pack,Lithium Battery  24V 48V etc.

Q2: How can I get a sample to check your quality?

If you need sample to test, please pay for the freight and sample cost. And the sample cost will be returned back to you after you place an bulk order more than our MOQ.

Q3: Can I have the products with my own logo?

Yes. We can offer both OEM and ODM service with prototype design and small MOQ.

Q4: How long can I expect to get the sample?

The samples will be ready for delivery in 3~5days after we receive the payment.


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