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Evaluation of common troubles encountered by family photovoltaic or pv power plants

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Evaluation of common troubles encountered by family photovoltaic or pv power plants

For pals who want to set up family dispersed power plant, they may not know much about photovoltaic or pv power stations, and there are some typical problems in terms of the building and construction and revenue of dispersed home power stations. Some typical concerns and responses are attended to your recommendation.

Distributed home power station

1. Do I need to re-shape?

Essentially no rewiring is required. The solar power installed in a household will not exceed 5KW, generally regarding 3KW, while the electrical wiring power of a general family members is above 5KW.

2. Is the price of house solar power generation controlled?

The cost of photovoltaic power generation

The revenue is made up of 3 components, kWh subsidy 0.42  created electrical power + desulfurization and destocking electricity rate  on-grid power + user's very own electricity rate customer's very own electrical energy usage. The investment rate of return has to do with 12.5%, and the investment recuperation period has to do with 7-8 years. Some provinces and also cities have local rural and also local aids, and also the repayment duration will certainly be substantially reduced. Taking Shanghai as an instance, the payback period has to do with 4-5 years. The system life is about 25 years.

System investment, the existing installed price of the whole task is about 10 yuan per watt.

3. How to transform the voltage to illumination 220V voltage?

voltage to lighting voltage

Photovoltaic or pv power generation means that the elements generate straight current, which is converted into power frequency alternating present by the inverter, and afterwards integrated right into the grid. The grid-connected gain access to factor will be found at the home link factor of the power grid at the installment website, and also the created power will be preferentially utilized by the load at the installation website, as well as the excess power will be uploaded and marketed to the power grid.

4. Just how to avoid lightning strike?

Lightning security contains 2 parts, one is the roofing system element lightning protection, the component frameworks are attached, and lastly attached to the roof lightning security network; minecraft.

Photovoltaic power lightning protection

5. Does the installment of small-area photovoltaic panels outside the balcony go against pertinent legislations and regulations?

Balcony installation photovoltaic

It can be installed on the balcony. Anyway, the incomparably powerful urban administration troops can't handle this. Of course, you can install it on the roofing of your house. If it is a house, you need to get the authorization of the residential or commercial property. For specific needs, please refer to the dispersed accessibility system released by the opinion of power business .



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