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What equipment is included in the composition of a solar photovoltaic power generation system?

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What equipment is included in the composition of a solar photovoltaic power generation system?

A normal solar photovoltaic or pv power generation system is made up of solar battery selections (components), cable televisions, power digital converters (inverters), energy storage devices (batteries), loads or individuals, etc. Amongst them, the solar battery range and the energy storage device are the power supply system, the controller as well as the power electronic converter are the control and also protection system, as well as the tons is the system incurable.

PV inverter

1. Solar battery variety

The tiniest device for photoelectric conversion is the solar cell. Its size is 4 ~ 100cm2, its functioning voltage is 0.45 ~ 0.50 V, as well as its functioning current is 20 ~ 25mA/cm2, so it can not be made use of as a power supply alone. In a photovoltaic or pv power generation system, solar cells need to be connected in series, parallel and also packaged to develop solar battery modules. Its power can be from a few watts to hundreds of watts and also can be used alone as a power source. The solar cell array is to connect the solar cell parts in collection and parallel and afterwards mount them on the bracket. It can output hundreds of watts, numerous kilowatts or perhaps more power, and is the electrical power generator of the photovoltaic power generation system.

Solar photovoltaic power generation system

There are numerous types of solar battery components. According to the sort of solar cells, they can be divided into: monocrystalline silicon components, polycrystalline silicon components, gallium arsenide components, amorphous silicon slim movie cell components, and so on. Among them, crystalline silicon (including monocrystalline silicon and also multi-product silicon) Solar cell components make up concerning 80% to 90% of the marketplace. The packaging materials and processes of crystalline silicon are likewise different, primarily separated into epoxy material securing, laminated product packaging silicone product packaging, etc. At present, the vacuum lamination product packaging technique is most utilized, and also this packaging approach is suitable for the industrialized packaging of large-area battery sheets.

solar battery

2. Solar panel

Independent photovoltaic or pv power generation systems rely on batteries to store excess electrical power, so batteries play an essential duty in independent photovoltaic power generation systems. As the asking price of solar cell components reduces, the percentage of battery costs in the complete system financial investment will gradually raise. In addition, in the procedure of the independent photovoltaic power generation system, the typical procedure of the system due to battery failure will certainly inhabit a large proportion. Therefore, when making the system, it is extremely vital to select the suitable battery kind, determine the ideal battery capacity, properly carry out the setup, procedure, and also careful upkeep for the normal procedure of the independent solar photovoltaic or pv power generation system.

Outdoor photovoltaic power generation platform

3. Power digital converter (photovoltaic or pv inverter)

The inverter in the photovoltaic or pv power generation system is a converter circuit, and also its function is to convert the direct current generated by the solar cell array into rotating present with various required regularities and voltage worths. Inverter can be separated right into passive and also active. Passive inverter implies that the DC power is directly provided to the lots through the inverter, as well as energetic inverter indicates that the DC power is provided to the air conditioning power supply with the inverter.

The requirement of transforming DC to AC is also shown in the fact that when the power supply system needs to boost or decrease the voltage, the air conditioning system only needs to add a transformer, while the innovation and tools in the DC system are far more challenging. Consequently, besides special customers, inverters are required in photovoltaic or pv power generation systems.

solar array

In addition, the inverter additionally has the function of automatic voltage guideline or hand-operated voltage law, which can boost the power supply quality of the photovoltaic power generation system. Undoubtedly, the inverter is an important as well as vital sustaining equipment in the photovoltaic power generation system.



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