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Which lithium titanate battery is better than lithium iron phosphate and also ternary lithium battery?

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Which lithium titanate battery is better than lithium iron phosphate and also ternary lithium battery?

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Currently, mainstream new energy lorries primarily utilize power lithium batteries with lithium iron phosphate or ternary materials as cathode products, both of which have their own advantages in the fields of new energy passenger cars and new power auto. So, which is better for lithium titanate battery, lithium iron phosphate and ternary battery?

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This also begins with the performance of the 3 batteries. As we all recognize, the performance of lithium-ion batteries is primarily established by the positive electrode, unfavorable electrode, electrolyte and also separator. The favorable and also adverse electrode materials have a crucial impact on the vital indicators of the battery, such as capacity, energy thickness, cycle life, safety and security, price efficiency, as well as expense.

Lithium iron phosphate battery

Although the exact same ternary is used as the favorable electrode material, the lithium titanate battery breaks the traditional battery modern technology route of using graphene as the adverse electrode, and uses lithium titanate as the adverse electrode product, that makes it an outlier in the eyes of its peers. But it is the qualities of lithium titanate itself that make the battery of this material have amazing features.

Taking lithium iron phosphate-graphene, ternary-graphene, and also ternary-lithium titanate lithium-ion batteries as examples, in terms of energy thickness alone, lithium titanate batteries are at a downside. The Northeast Securities Study Report explained that the existing real certain energy of lithium iron phosphate battery is 100-120Wh/ kg, and also the ternary battery is 150-200Wh/kg. Amongst them, the nickel-cobalt-aluminum ternary battery used by TSLA reaches 252Wh/kg. The Yinlong lithium-ion titanate battery is only 90Wh/kg, which is just fifty percent of the battery of some graphite anode products.

Ternary material

In terms of price, lithium titanate batteries have no advantages. Currently, the raw products of Yinlong lithium titanate battery consist of titanium hydroxide as well as lithium hydroxide, the cost of which is more than that of graphite anode materials. According to the survey results of my nation's battery network, the current price of lithium iron phosphate and ternary battery is 1100 yuan/kwh -1200 yuan/kwh, while the expense of lithium titanate battery has to do with 2-3 times of ternary battery. How do lithium titanate batteries complete in the marketplace? Undoubtedly, it is its own one-of-a-kind advantages that relocated some people in the sector.

First of all, considering the most vital safety signs of batteries, lithium titanate sticks out.

Comparison between battery

When lithium titanate is utilized as the unfavorable electrode product, the possible system is as high as 1.55 V, which is more than 1V higher than that of the conventional graphite negative electrode material. Although some power density is lost, it likewise indicates that the battery is much safer. Technical expert Lu Blu-ray when stated that the need for the unfavorable electrode voltage is fairly reduced when the battery is rapidly billed, but if it is also low, the lithium-ion battery is prone to precipitation of very active metal lithium. This lithium ion is not just conductive, but likewise reacts with the electrolyte. Warm is then launched as well as combustible gases show up, creating a fire. The lithium titanate prevents the unfavorable electrode voltage from being 0 as a result of the higher voltage of 1V, which indirectly protects against the precipitation of lithium ions, therefore guaranteeing the safety and security of the battery.

Since the lithium titanate battery can be used securely in both heat and also low temperature level environments, it likewise mirrors its essential advantages of broad temperature level resistance (especially reduced temperature level resistance). At present, the safe working temperature variety of Yinlong lithium titanate battery is in between -50 degrees as well as 65 levels, while the energy of ordinary graphite anode batteries starts to degeneration when the temperature level is less than -20 levels, and the charging capacity at -30 degrees is just At 14% of the overall billing ability, it just can not function correctly in serious winter.

lithium titanate battery

Furthermore, due to the fact that the lithium titanate battery has just a 1% quantity adjustment even if it is overcharged, it is called a zero-strain product, that makes it have an extremely lengthy life. Wei Yincang, chairman of Yinlong, when said that the life span of Yinlong lithium titanate battery can reach three decades, which amounts the service life of a cars and truck, while the typical life of average graphite anode material battery is only 3-4 years. From the viewpoint of the whole life process, the expense of lithium titanate battery is lower.

The last benefit of lithium titanate is its strong fast fee as well as discharge capacity and also high charge price. At present, the billing rate of Yinlong lithium titanate battery is 10C or perhaps 20C, while the charging price of regular graphite anode product is just 2C-4C.

New energy vehicle battery

Based on these technical attributes of lithium titanate batteries, industry insiders believe that they meet the demands of new energy buses and also large-scale energy storage space devices. Take the bus as an instance, the mileage of a solitary journey usually does not surpass 40 kilometers, as well as the moment interval in between each terminal station and also waiting till the following separation goes to the very least a couple of minutes. At this time, the negative aspect of reduced power density of lithium titanate battery will not influence the use of auto, however it will reflect the benefits of fast battery billing. As a public transportation, buses have actually advanced higher requirements on the safety and security and also durability of batteries.

Application on new energy vehicles



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