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Introduction to Distributed Photovoltaic Power Generation

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Background of photovoltaic power generation:

Solar photovoltaic power generation will occupy an important seat in the world's energy consumption in the 21st century, not only to replace some conventional energy sources, but also to become the main body of the world's energy supply.


Renewable energy is expected to account for more than 30% of the total energy mix by 2030, while solar photovoltaic power will account for more than 10% of the world's total electricity supply;By 2040, renewable energy will account for more than 50% of total energy consumption, and solar photovoltaic power generation will account for more than 20% of total electricity;By the end of the 21st century, renewable energy will account for more than 80% of the energy structure, and solar power will account for more than 60%.

These figures are enough to show the development prospects of the solar photovoltaic industry and its important strategic position in the energy field.

The principle of photovoltaic power generation:


Photovoltaic cell is a semiconductor device with light-to-electricity conversion characteristics, which directly converts solar radiation energy into direct current, and is the most basic unit of photovoltaic power generation.

The unique electrical characteristics of photovoltaic cells are based on the doping of certain elements (such as phosphorus or boron) in crystalline silicon,This creates a permanent imbalance in the molecular charge of the material, forming a semiconductor material with special electrical properties.

Under sunlight, free charges can be generated in semiconductors with special electrical properties,These free charges move and accumulate directionally, thereby forming an electromotive force at both ends, and generating a current when the two ends are closed with a conductor.This phenomenon is known as the "photovoltaic effect".

The composition of photovoltaic power generation:


The distributed photovoltaic power generation system consists of a photovoltaic square array (a photovoltaic square array is composed of photovoltaic modules connected in series and parallel), photovoltaic inverters, photovoltaic supports, photovoltaic grid-connected boxes,controller (optional), battery pack (optional), AC and DC cables and other components, Generate and sell electricity to the State Grid, and obtain corresponding state subsidies and electricity fee income.

Advantages of photovoltaic power generation:


1. Solar energy resources are inexhaustible, Moreover, solar energy is widely distributed on the earth, and PV power generation systems can be used wherever there is light, without being restricted by factors such as geography and altitude.


2.Photovoltaic power generation itself does not use fuel, not emit any substances, including greenhouse gases and other emissions, no air pollution, no noise, friendly to the environment, Not being exposed to shocks caused by energy crises or fuel market instability, It is a new type of renewable energy that is truly green and environmentally friendly.


3. Photovoltaic power generation without mechanical transmission parts, Simple operation and maintenance, stable and reliable operation.


4. The photovoltaic power generation system works stably and reliably, Long service life, Crystalline silicon solar cells can last as long as 20-35 years.




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