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Professional Custom Powerpack with Long Cycle Life

1.We use customized plastic holder between each cells for better insulation, so when the operator install batteries, there will be no danger
2.There is an extension at the top of the bracket. When there is a shock or heavy drop or vibration, battery itself will not be the first to bear the brunt
3.The explosion-proof valve is not blocked, the physical structure safety of the cell is ensured
4.BMS is well protected by metal cover, prevent damage for shock
5. We use laser welding around the srew to further strengthen the connection to completely eliminate the risk of screw falling. Laser welding also reduce the contact surface between the screw and the bus bar to enhance current capability. This laser welding can also reduce internal resistance and reduce power consumpution. The user can get more power
6. Orderly cable arrangement can reduce poor connector contact, short circuit and open circuit between wires

  • 200ah

  • Terli

Genuine Grade A lithium battery cells, brand new

Light weight and high performance with 100A continuous discharge

Small internal resistance

High energy density, low self-discharge

Pollution free, long cycle life

No memory effect

Existing stock for short delivery time.

OEM orders are available (battery pack, battery with spot welding ect.)

Safety instructions

Stop charging the battery if charging isn't completed within the specified time.

Stop using the battery if the battery becomes abnormally hot, order, discoloration, deformation, or

abnormal conditions is detected during use, charge, or storage.

Keep away from fire immediately when leakage or foul odors are detected. If liquid leaks onto your

skin or cloths, wash well with fresh water immediately.

If liquid leaking from the battery gets into your eyes, don't rub your eyes and wash them with clean

water and go to see a doctor immediately.

If the terminals of the battery become dirty, wipe with a dry cloth before using the battery.

The battery can be used within the following temperature ranges. Don't exceed these ranges.

The operating temperature is based on the cell surface temperature in hottest position in pack.

Charge temperature ranges : 0ºC ~ 50ºC

Discharge Temperature ranges : -20ºC ~ 75ºC

Store the battery at temperature below 45ºC

Cover terminals with proper insulating tape before disposal.

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Q1: What products do you offer?

Our main products is Lithium Ion Batteries. Now we can offer Home Energy Storage, Telecom Battery, Battery Pack,Lithium Battery 24V 48V etc.

Q2: How can I get a sample to check your quality?

If you need sample to test, please pay for the freight and sample cost. And the sample cost will be returned back to you after you place an bulk order more than our MOQ.

Q3: Can I have the products with my own logo?

Yes. We can offer both OEM and ODM service with prototype design and small MOQ.

Q4: How long can I expect to get the sample?

The samples will be ready for delivery in 3~5days after we receive the payment.

Q5:Can you give me a discount?

Yes, based on wholesale service, we have better discount for bigger quantities. We will quote you the best price based on your order quantity.

Q6. What are the advantages that distinguish from others?

1. Official cooperative supplier of China State Grid Official

2. With professional product development team

3. Rich experience in wireless computer room

4. With superior energy storage solution

Q7. How to do if I can’t reach your minimum order quantity?

Do not worry about that. If you can’t reach MOQ for each item, we suggest you refer to our goods in stock and group sourcing items. We also can send you the latest list of the prompt goods for your reference.

Q8: How to make order?

Send us your purchase order by email , or ask us to send you a proforma invoice for your order, or start an order on Alibaba Trade Assurance

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