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Solar Glass Solutions: Powering Renovation Of Old Houses Sustainably

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BRUSSELS, March 14, 2023 (Reuters) - Buildings across Europe could be renovated to cut emissions and save energy after the European Parliament on Tuesday approved a bill that aims to lower households' energy bills and wean EU countries off Russian gas faster.

"Soaring energy prices have put the focus on energy efficiency and energy saving measures. Improving the performance of Europe’s buildings will 

reduce bills and our dependence on energy imports," said Ciaran Cuffe, lead lawmaker on the rules.

1 - Europe could be renovated to cut emissions and save energy
1 - focus on energy efficiency and energy saving measures


According to the Commission buildings are responsible for around 40 percent of energy consumption and around a third of greenhouse gas emissions in the EU. If houses are better insulated or modern heating systems are used, this can significantly reduce energy requirements.

1 - insulated or modern heating systems
1 - How old is the EUs building stock

 /  Potential Loss of Value  /

2 - Potential Loss of Value

According to estimates by the KfW development bank, the targeted climate-neutral conversion of the building could cost EUR 254 billion in Germany alone. Tenants and owners will probably have to pay for this first and foremost. However, money from EU coffers should also be made available for the renovations. At the end of 2021, the Commission said that up to EUR 150 billion would be available from the EU budget by 2030.

 /  A Steep Climb  /

3 - A Steep Climb

Inflation is making renovations an even bigger challenge for both consumers and governments.

Improving the energy efficiency of single family homes is usually split into three categories, BPIE’s Sibileau said: Insulation is the most expensive, 

costing around €40,000, followed by changes to the heating supply at around €10,000, and energy management systems that cost below €150.

Innovative building materials - CdTe solar glass provides sustainable power for the renovation of old houses in Europe

4 - Innovative building materials - CdTe solar glass

Compared with traditional Crystalline silicon photovoltaic panels, this kind of CdTe thin film solar photovoltaic glass has many obvious advantages in the construction field.

High Efficiency

CdTe solar cells have relatively high efficiency, especially performing well in high-temperature and low-light conditions, providing significant electrical output.

Lightweight Design

CdTe PV glass is typically lighter than traditional solar panels, making it suitable for applications that require lightweight design, such as roofing and shading.


Could be manufactured in various transparency, color, shapes and sizes, suitable for a range of custom projects, including art installations, architectural facades and projects with specific design requirements.


It has a built-in sunshade effect to achieve heat insulation in summer and warmth in winter. Insulated laminated glass can be optioned to increase the thermal insulation effect.

Low Production Costs

CdTe photovoltaic cells have relatively low production costs, contributing to cost-effective solar power.

Short Energy Payback Period

Due to their low energy costs, CdTe solar cells have a relatively short energy payback period (the time required to recover the energy used in production).

Whether in old house reovations or new construction, CdTe Solar Photovoltaic Glass also offers a variety of architectural solutions. Especially in the applications of curtain walls, roofs, sunrooms and shadings, its advantages are more prominent.

6 - CdTe solar photovoltaic glass also offers a variety of architectural solutions

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