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The Kylin battery in CATL is below! 4680 Don't be arrogant

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The Kylin battery in CATL is below! 4680 Don't be arrogant

After 2 workouts, CATL utilized a 57-second as well as a 3-minute video clip and a public account tweet to reveal the birth of the Kirin battery.

The first time the CATL presented Kirin batteries went to the discussion forum of the 2022 Electric Lorry Hundred-person Fulfilling. Afterward, it was discussed once more in the premium discussion of "Yunshang Yibin" a week back.

Kirin battery is not battery cell technology yet battery system technology.

This is a battery system composed of square batteries, with a volume application rate of more than 72% and also a brand-new worldwide high in system assimilation.

When making use of ternary material batteries, the energy density of the Kirin battery system can reach 255Wh/kg, which can quickly accomplish 1000 kilometers of battery life for the car; when making use of lithium iron phosphate, the power density of the system also goes beyond 160Wh/kg.

Under the very same cell chemical system and the same battery pack size, the power thickness of the Kirin battery is 13% greater than that of the round 4680 battery system.

Battery system

This is a product that is mosting likely to take on the round 4680 battery system.

Since Tesla released the 4680 battery cell on Battery Day, this battery cell has actually become a "popular fried chicken," and some Chinese and international battery firms have complied with a suit. Some points of view also believe that 4680 will be a frustrating advantage in high-end power batteries.

However, it is not so easy for the 4680 battery cell and its system to completely overwhelm various other high-specific power options.

Because there is no perfect battery on the planet, any product or model results from an equilibrium of security, price, and performance.

In addition to the enhancement of the performance of the battery itself, the endowment and demand of cars and truck companies and the production capacities of the battery business are all important reference variables for auto firms to choose batteries.

Presently, the capacity of vehicle firms to group cylindrical batteries, the difficulty of making large cylindrical batteries, and the trouble of warm dissipation will all become restrictions on the rapid development of 4680 in the short term.

The emergence of Kirin batteries is clear evidence. It is not so simple for the 4680 design battery to want a battery pack to strike the world. The development instructions of power batteries are still multi-technical routes, each showing enchanting powers.

Li Xiang, the creator of Ideal Auto, openly applauded the CATL not long after the launch of Kirin Battery and provided a "see you next year" discuss Weibo. Since that, Avita, as well as Nezha, have additionally communicated with the CATL on Kirin batteries.

Let us first be familiar with the Kirin battery in the CATL. Let's take a look at what sort of triggers will be when Kirin hits 4680.

1: Battery pack with inverted battery cells

Among the most significant attributes of Kirin batteries are that the battery cells are inverted.

Its cell is upside down

CATL is not the initial company to make a fuss about the placement of batteries. Not long ago, SAIC released a battery pack with lying batteries. The inverted battery cram in the CATL undoubtedly has a greater space application rate than the existing battery pack. The change concepts of the two on the water-cooled practical parts coincide, and they have all moved from the bottom to the middle of the battery cell.

CATL integrated water air conditioning, warm insulation, and a cross-stringer, enhancing the integration of battery packs.

1) The battery cell's room usage rate is 72 %.

It can be seen from the information given up the CATL that its battery is inverted. It ends up that when the top cover is placed upwards, the battery pack needs to leave room for the battery cell up and down, the top part ought to leave space for the exhaust of the warmth out of control, and also, all-time low should leave the area to prevent the bottom sphere from striking. Nowadays, the upside-down battery, the out-of-control exhaust as well as the bottom round strike space are shared, leaving 6% even more area for the battery, which has a greater area application rate than the lying battery of the Rubik's Cube battery.

2) Integrated right into a multifunctional elastic sandwich.

Multifunctional elastic mezzanine

The CATL also canceled the initial independent style of the horizontal stringer, water-cooled plate, and warmth insulation pad and incorporated them right into a multifunctional flexible sandwich. The built-in micro-bridge connection tool can be freely pulled back and retracted with the breathing of the battery to boost the dependability of the battery throughout its life process.

4680 Don't be big-headed; the Kylin battery in the CATL is here.

The straight stringer, water-cooled plate, and warmth insulation pad are incorporated right into a multifunctional elastic sandwich.

The benefits of this sandwich are not just that, but also play the function of a pressure structure. The battery cell and the multifunctional flexible sandwich develop an incorporated power device, which becomes a force structure towards driving, enhancing the toughness and influencing resistance of the battery structure.

3) Quadruple the warm transfer area.

The heat exchange area is larger

In the CATL, the warmth transfer area was increased 4 times by putting the bottom water-cooled practical parts between the batteries. This large-surface cooling down modern battery technology reduces the battery's temperature control time to half of the original, so adjusting to the quick charging of greater currents and greater voltages. At existing, Kirin battery can sustain 5 mins of quick warm begin and 10 mins of fast charge to 80%.

In extreme cases, the battery can cool off quickly, successfully obstructing irregular heat transmission between the batteries, effectively staying clear of irreversible damages triggered by the abnormal operating temperature of the battery, and successfully improving the life, safety, and security of the battery.

Consequently, Kirin batteries can accomplish thermal stability and thermal safety of the entire chemical system, so regarding adapting to greater power density material upgrades.

The cooling location has been greatly increased, which is efficiently adjusted to the launch of the following 800V voltage platform designs of car companies.

It can be stated that the CATL has pressed full of room in the battery pack to the best extent via a large number of real cars and truck data as well as AI simulation.

For high-end 800V system designs, only the round 4680 battery system and the Kirin battery can be utilized head-on; however, which of both is better or worse?

2: Round minority.

Worldwide, Tesla is most likely the just huge firm that demands round batteries as one of the alternatives.

1) 4680-- Carefully Picked by Tesla.

Tesla's self-confidence in developing its models and creating batteries originates from sales and innovation.

CleanTechnica data reveal that in 2021, Tesla's worldwide sales will certainly be 93.5%. Six hundred twenty thousand lorries, placing first, with a market share of 14.5%.4%. With the globe's ultra-high sales volume and market share, Tesla's choices are usually more economical and scale-effective, making it the major target for vehicle companies and battery firms to follow.

Although Tesla has used a large number of square batteries and accounts for a bigger and bigger percentage, its brand name as a supporter of the round battery path is quite extensive.

Tesla is experienced in the application of round batteries.

When Tesla was founded in the very early days, there was no power battery on the market. Tesla chose the fully grown 18650 round battery cell as the power battery, the last option selection.

Since then, continuing the round course of the 18650, Tesla and Panasonic have created 21700 batteries and used them extensively to change the 18650.

It is indisputable that Tesla does have special functions in the monitoring of 18650 and also 21700 batteries. However, it is uncertain whether Tesla is still at ease when faced with the 4680, which has increased its power several times.

Tesla's option of the big cylindrical tube is an extension of its modern technology and has the basis for its strong bargaining power.

This is to say that Tesla has a benefit in the technical degree of grouping. However, Tesla is likewise a primary school trainee in the mass manufacturing of batteries, and it is still essential to be cautious about what batteries can create.

In addition, we have to repeat it once again. Tesla used a large number of square batteries in the CATL, and the percentage is getting larger and larger.

2) The selection of other companies.

Unlike Tesla, other car firms have much more varied options, yet they are primarily not parallel.

Of certain note is Toyota's choice. The module of Tesla's first mass-produced Roadster was made with the help of Toyota Motor.

However, Toyota's very own choice of instructions is square batteries. You know, the companion of Toyota batteries is Panasonic, the major vendor of Tesla batteries and the world's leading round battery. However, the innovation direction chosen by Taixing Power Solutions Co., Ltd., a joint venture battery business between both events, is square batteries.

Square cell

Additionally, businesses such as Nissan, Daimler, General Motors, Nissan, Renault, and Volvo tend to pick soft-pack batteries; Volkswagen has launched a method of basic batteries, making use of square batteries.

4680 Do not be egotistic; the Kylin battery in the CATL is below.

Chinese cars and truck companies are the primary followers of square batteries. After all, the very first 2 battery companies-Ningde, Times and also BYD-are both square battery companies. In enhancement, Wei Xiaoli, the head of the brand-new forces presently leading the smart electric automobile sector, and Euler, Aian, etc., the leaders of brand-new energy-independent brands, are all square batteries. In 2020, China's square battery shipments accounted for 80%.

Based on worldwide information, in 2020, square batteries represented more than 49%, and soft-pack batteries made up 27.5% of the international electrical car market., 8%.

Judging from the current market share, square batteries have a maximum advantage, and the 3 package kinds will certainly exist side-by-side for a lengthy time. However, as for China is worried, the marketplace share of soft-pack batteries is fairly reduced, and also it will certainly be tough to end up being mainstream in the short term.

3:  4680: also has shortcomings.

In China, there is only a fight between square batteries and round batteries.

In theory, cylindrical batteries have the greatest technical maturity, but compared with 18650 and 21700, automation of 4680 is tough.

In the sight of the sector, although Tesla and Panasonic have rich experience in tiny cylindrical tubes, their experience is primarily not available on the 4680 since the 4680 requires multiple cutting-edge technologies to be applied together, and one decrease of the chain will certainly not work.

Usually talking, 4680 should pick omnipolar ear (infinite ear) innovation. Standard monopole ears can not solve the problem of heating points, and they can not adapt to the needs of high power.

Earlier welding technology

First of all, mass production is difficult.

The very first problem is that the accuracy of the winding device is extra demanding. After all, the dimension of the battery cell is much larger, and the placement trouble is much greater.

The 2nd difficulty is the welding innovation of polar ears. At present, there are reducing and stacking techniques and working approaches for the production of Quanji ears. The reducing and piling approach is a scheme taken on by Tesla. It is mainly rolled up by cutting diagonally into items. Also, the surface has a huge level of waviness, which can quickly make the internal resistance consistency of the post-ear inadequate due to irregular contact. In enhancement, continuous injection production cannot be carried out when injecting the electrolyte since both ends are near the pole ears.

The kneading technique is a sort of omnipolar ear remedy that Chinese companies use much more. The polar ear is kneaded into the end face by ultrasonic or mechanical means. The post ear is prone to metal particles throughout the working process, which causes too much self-discharge of the battery and also even an internal short circuit. Additionally, the end face is relatively dense after massaging, making it difficult for the electrolyte to get within the battery.

These will certainly be issues in improving the yield price of batteries.

The room application price is reduced.

Under the same chemical system, the area application price of huge round cells is much less than that of square cells. The boss of a battery business provided an example. For the same battery pack, a big round lithium iron phosphate battery can only be taken into 50 levels of electrical power. If it is a square battery, it can be set up to 80 levels of electricity. If you utilize ternary products, you can use normal 532 or 622 products, but 4680 needs to utilize high nickel to have the same power.

Although the high-nickel ternary has a high energy thickness, it also implies a higher danger of thermal runaway. At the level of system defense, more initiative has to be taken.

Third, it is tough to dissipate heat in a typical way. At present, cylindrical batteries make use of side cooling. Cylindrical batteries usually have the fastest axial warmth transmission and also the slowest side warm dissipation. With 4680 large batteries, this attribute is much more obvious. Under 800V high-voltage charging, the battery will gather a lot of warmth in a short time, and the side warmth dissipation rate is slower. In the future, it will have a higher impact on battery life.

The technique made used by Tesla is to add a water-cooled plate to the top to attain the result of cooling on both sides of the side and the top.

The effect of bilateral cooling

4th, if automobile companies do not have the organized modern technology of cylindrical batteries, they still have to rely on battery companies to manufacture battery systems. Also, the range impact is tough to play out.

Fifth, the negative electrode of 4680 has to use a silicon-carbon negative electrode to reflect the importance of increasing power density. However, silicon-carbon negative electrodes need likewise have disadvantages. One is the high price; the second is that there are lots of side reactions, high expansion, and also reduced very first cost and also discharge efficiency influence the top quality of the battery; the third is that the silicon-carbon unfavorable electrode is consistently ruined and also re-formed intoxicated of adjustments in silicon volume, as well as the lithium-ion is consumed in large quantities, which may minimize the cycle features and also battery ability.

Although the 4680 battery cell has superior benefits regarding power thickness and fast charging efficiency, the security obstacle is huge, and the manufacturing trouble has climbed geometrically. Moreover, for car companies, collecting round batteries is difficult. Its expense benefit is hard to play if the modern organizing technology of round batteries is not readily available.

04 The private champion is not just as good as the all-around champion.

Kirin battery

After being grouped, the 4680 battery, with a great single performance, still appears inferior to the Kirin battery. Judging from the data given by CATL, the cylindrical 4680 system is still a little insufficient compared with Kirin batteries regarding energy density, rapid billing efficiency, combination, and thermal conductivity.

4680 Do not be egotistic; the Kylin battery in the CATL is here.

Performance comparison between the Kirin battery and also 4680 battery system.

The advancement of electric cars today has acquired a customer count and gone into the popularization stage.

The Demand for power batteries has additionally undertaken new changes.

· The range gets to the consumer's mental assumptions, and energy thickness is no longer the core pain point;

· Billing troubles still exist partly, and the Demand for quick billing abilities of power batteries for high-end versions is prominent. ;.

· The number of possessions has actually enhanced, fire mishaps have attracted attention, and the weight of security has gradually boosted. ;.

· Demand is growing too quickly, and the significance of product supply safety and supply costs is progressively enhancing.

Based upon this, for various markets, there are certainly several patterns in the selection of power batteries for cars and truck firms.

Low- and medium-end designs have started to embrace lithium iron phosphate batteries, and also take into consideration sodium-ion and also manganese-based material batteries, yet they take the type of large components and no components, which can accomplish much better system energy price, density, and also safety is also really prominent.

Second, an extremely small number of premium models (BYD and some companies may comply with this) likewise utilize lithium iron phosphate batteries, mostly safety and security brands

Third, most premium models still utilize ternary batteries. Still, they are not in a hurry to adopt high-nickel, but rather take on medium-nickel and medium-high-nickel product routes. It also takes on a mixed ternary and lithium-iron-phosphate structure to balance energy thickness, security, and expense

Fourth, some premium models still pursue high energy density for lengthy battery life or lightweight. Soft packs, cylinders, and ternary have solutions, yet they have to pay higher prices for system design and security.

Fifth, electrochemical systems can still be used readily on a large scale, and architectural development and product micro-innovation are the mainstream.

All this is due to the roadway of battery system framework development opened in CATL.

Before the launch of CTP innovation in the CATL, the means battery companies improved their power density only regarding cell size and product system. However, adjusting the product system is an extremely slow procedure, and the formula must be constantly enhanced to stabilize the various residential properties of the battery. It commonly takes several years or perhaps greater than 10 years of r & d to grow.

Nonetheless, the simplification of the structure of the battery cram in CATL has actually opened a course of innovation: initially, the power density has been boosted to a higher level. Based on not altering the cell product, the energy thickness of the battery pack can be significantly enhanced by streamlining the framework. The problem is fairly reduced, and the battery energy thickness iteration speed is faster.

The opposite ear is massaged into the end face by mechanical or ultrasonic means. The pole ear is susceptible to metal debris throughout the kneading procedure, which leads to excessive battery self-discharge and a short internal circuit. In enhancement, the end face is relatively dense after working, making it difficult for the electrolyte to enter the inside of the battery.

Under the same chemical system, the room utilization price of big round cells is much reduced than that of square cells. The person in cost of a battery business provided an instance. For the same battery pack, a large round lithium iron phosphate battery can just be put into 50 degrees of electrical energy. If it is a square battery, it can be mounted to 80 levels of electricity. If you also use ternary materials, you can utilize common 532 or 622 materials. However, 4680 should utilize high nickel to have about the same power.



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