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The price of battery cells is declining, as well as the power storage space market is anticipated to continue to grow rapidly in 2023

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The price of battery cells is declining, as well as the power storage space market is anticipated to continue to grow rapidly in 2023

China Power Storage Space Network News: According to the examination of the Power Storage Space Application Branch of the China Chemical and also Physical Power Market Organization, June 2022 will certainly become an inflection point for the cost decrease of energy storage cells. From February to May 2022, the cost of power storage cells will be on the marketplace. The cost of battery-grade lithium carbonate, the upstream raw material, has actually skyrocketed all the way to 600,000 yuan/ton in 2022, yet it has fallen under the competitors in the power storage space market. Obviously, the energy storage battery Out of a down moving route. Since February 20, 2023, the system price of square/cylindrical energy storage cells and also square/soft pack energy storage cells is 0.925 yuan/Wh, and also the device cost of square energy storage cells (6000 cycles) is 0.895 yuan/ Wh, other kinds are likewise within 0.98 yuan/Wh.

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According to the most up to date bidding process statement, the quotations of energy storage projects in 2023 continue to reduce, with an average cost of 1.26-1.31 yuan/Wh, which is more than 8% lower than the ordinary price of 1.48 yuan/Wh in 2022, which also totally mirrors the rewards brought by the price cuts in the upstream of the industrial chain.

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The high cost of lithium carbonate last year made lithium mining noted firms earn a lot of cash. According to the performance forecast for 2022, the net revenue of detailed lithium mining companies has boosted by a number of times or perhaps dozens of times. "Qi Wang" Tianqi The lithium industry is a lot more proud of the world. In 2022, its net revenue will certainly be 23.1 billion to 25.6 billion yuan, a boost of 10.1 times to 11.3 times year-on-year. Enhanced from 15.6 times to 17.4 times. The "King of Gan" Ganfeng Lithium Market is also happy with the group. It is estimated that the web earnings attributable to investors of listed companies for the whole year of 2022 will be 18 billion to 22 billion yuan, a year-on-year rise of 244.27%-320.78%. Rongjie shares (002192) 2022 annual efficiency forecast The internet revenue attributable to investors of noted companies is 2.2-2.6 billion yuan, a rise of 3121.58%-3707.33% over the very same duration of the previous year. This is merely an unattainable growth ceiling. The reduction of non-net revenue is less than 100 million yuan, only 63.34 million yuan. According to information from Shanghai Steel Union, the ordinary price of battery-grade lithium carbonate on February 20, 2023 was 435,000 yuan/ton, a decrease of 5,000 yuan from the previous cost per lot, and also a collective drop of 15.94% throughout the year. If it is computed based upon the decrease from the high of 590,000 yuan/ton on November 23, 2022, it has fallen by 26.27% in total.

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The return of lithium rates has a favorable effect on lithium battery producers and also the energy storage space sector theoretically. Battery cells represent around 60% of the price of energy storage systems. The efficiency room that business can boost will straight drive the velocity of bidding process for energy storage jobs. Along with the pending projects that were delayed by the influence of the epidemic last year, the brand-new mounted ability of power storage space projects in 2023 might introduce rapid development.

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According to stats from the Power Storage Space Application Branch of the China Chemical as well as Physical Power Market Association, by the end of 2022, the total installed power of my country's power storage space jobs has gotten to 66.493 GW. Among them, the collective installed power of pumped storage power plant is 54.715 GW, representing 82.29%; the advancing functional range of electrochemical energy storage space tasks is 10.78 GW, representing 16.21%; the cumulative operational range of cool storage/thermal energy storage space jobs is 531.2 MW, Accounting for 0.80%; other technical power storage space tasks (primarily referring to flywheel power storage, compressed air and supercapacitors) have an overall installed power of 465.9 MW, representing 0.70%.

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The accumulated scale of electrochemical energy storage space jobs has reached 10.782 GW/23.464 GWh, of which the cumulative scale of lithium-ion battery energy storage space has been taken into operation 10.077 GW, making up 93.47%; the advancing range of lead battery power storage space has been taken into operation 287.2 MW, representing 2.66%; The cumulative operational scale of liquid flow battery energy storage was 276.65 MW, accounting for 2.56%; the cumulative operational range of various other electrochemical innovation energy storage jobs was 142.29 MW, representing 1.32%.

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Statistics from the Power Storage Space Application Branch of the China Chemical and Physical Power Supply Market Association reveal that by the end of 2022, the collective variety of power storage space jobs in operation in my country has actually reached 932, and a total of 674 power storage space jobs have actually been put into operation in 2021. From January to December 2022, 258 new energy storage space projects will certainly be put into procedure, with a complete installed power of 20585.9 MW; among them, 232 electrochemical power storage space jobs, with a mounted power of 5593MW/12058.1 MWh; an overall of new non-electrochemical energy storage space projects will certainly be put into operation 13 (7 flywheel energy storage projects, 1 pressed air job, 1 supercapacitor task, 4 thermal power storage space tasks), with a scale of 187.9 MW/660.2 MWh in operation; 13 brand-new pumped storage space tasks in operation, with a set up capacity of 14805MW. The total variety of brand-new energy storage tasks take into operation is 5941.12 MW/ 13418.25 MWh.

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In 2022, the set up capacity of grid-connected energy storage space in the world and also in China will double that of the previous year. Essence Stocks anticipates that in 2023, the limitations on the implementation of energy storage space tasks by basic materials will certainly be substantially alleviated, as well as the rate of grid-connected power storage space is expected to remain high. increase. The worldwide grid-connected installed ability of power storage is expected to enhance dramatically from 71.7 GWh in 2015 to 130GWh in 2023, and the domestic grid-connected mounted ability is anticipated to speed up from 6GW in 2014 to 15GW in 2023.

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