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What is a wind-solar hybrid power system

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What is a wind-solar hybrid power system

wind-solar hybrid power

Wind-solar hybrid power generation system, as the name suggests, is a system in which wind and solar energy complement each other to generate electricity, the utility model is composed of a solar battery module, a wind generator, an energy storage battery, a control system, an inverter, an electric load and related accessories.

Solar cell modules and wind turbines collect solar and wind energy, which is then stored as electricity in storage batteries with the help of a control system, the inverter converts the direct current in the battery into alternating current for use by the alternating current load, which is the equipment that consumes the electric energy,such as lights, air conditioning, refrigerators, production equipment, and so on, related accessories are wires, connectors, screws and nuts.

A scenario where the landscape complements the landscape

Electricity consumption for living and production in rural areas without eletricity

solar plate

China’s regional economic development is not balanced, and many rural areas still do not have access to electricity, but these rural areas are often rich in wind and solar energy, so there is a lot of room for the application of landscape complementary technology. China has built more than 1,000 independent operating village centralized power supply systems with renewable energy sources, but these systems only provide lighting and electricity for daily use, can not provide the productive load ,this causes the system the economic performance to become very poor also to need the further research and the practice.

Application on navigation mark

home use battery system

Most parts of our country have already used solar energy navigation , but now in bad weather conditions when solar power is not enough, wind power is needed to make up for the lack of such weather conditions, if the solar energy configuration can satisfy the energy supply in spring and summer, the wind-solar hybrid power generation system should be started when the wind-solar hybrid power generation system is not started in winter and spring, or when the continuous bad weather condition or the solar power generation is not good.

Household products

solar system

Wind and light complementary street lighting system, wind and light complementary heating, wind and light complementary power supply, wind and light complementary camping lamp and independent power supply.

Construction industry

solar system kit

Beijing Olympic Games have installed wind turbines and solar heat pipes into the Olympic Village, the wind-solar complementary system is also used for photovoltaic integrated building BIPV, rooftop wind turbines, wind-solar complementary boilers and wind-solar complementary grid.

Desert Management

With the development of China’s economy, the country gradually has the financial resources to control the desert road has been opened to improve the local natural ecology and living conditions of residents. Desert management not only needs a lot of water resources, but also needs a lot of electric energy. There is a wide market for wind-solar water pump, photovoltaic water pump and wind-energy water pump in the west of China

Cost differences between photovoltaic panels and wind turbines

Photoelectric system is a set of system which converts solar energy into Electric Energy by using photoelectric plate, then charges the battery through the controller, and finally supplies the electric load through the inverter. The system has the advantages of high reliability of power supply, low cost of operation and maintenance, and high cost of system.

Wind power system is a set of system which uses small wind turbine to convert wind energy into electric energy, but the battery is charged by the controller, and finally the load is supplied by the inverter. The system has the advantages of high power generation, low system cost, low operation and maintenance cost, and low reliability of small wind turbine.

In addition, both wind power and photovoltaic systems have a common defect, that is, the uncertainty of resources leads to the imbalance of power generation and power consumption, and both wind power and photovoltaic systems have to store energy from batteries to provide stable power supply, however, the daily output of electricity is greatly affected by the weather, which will lead to a long-term power loss of the system battery, which is also the main reason for the reduction of battery life.

Because of the strong complementarity between solar energy and wind energy, wind-solar Hybrid Power Generation System makes up the deficiency of wind power and photovoltaic independent system in resources. At the same time, wind power and photovoltaic system in the battery and inverter link is universal, so the cost of wind-solar complementary power generation system can be reduced, the system costs tend to be reasonable.

But the difference of the cost will be caused by the difference of the area, the difference of the equipment maintenance cost and the running cost will be caused by the difference of the area with less wind and more light and the area with more wind. It needs to be done on a case by case basis.

As can be seen from the above, the wind-solar power generation system makes full use of wind and solar energy, which are two natural resources. It is an independent power generation system, the utility model has the advantages of stable and reliable power supply, low operation and maintenance cost, environmental protection and non-pollution, etc. . However, in view of the late start of the wind-solar hybrid power generation system in China, both scientific research



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