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What is lasting energy storage? How affordable is it?

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What is lasting energy storage? How affordable is it?

Lasting power storage space typically describes the power storage technology of more than 4 hrs. The long-lasting power storage system is a power storage space system that can understand charging and also releasing cycles across days, months, and also even periods to meet the long-lasting security of the power system. The greater the infiltration price of renewable resource power generation, the longer the needed power storage space time.

Renewable energy power generation has the qualities of recurring, the main power generation time as well as peak power intake time are misaligned, and also there is a void in between supply and also need. As penetration increases, the tons need to stabilize the power system enhances. Compared with short-term power storage space, the long-lasting energy storage space system can better recognize power translation, move the power of the renewable resource generation system to the peak period of power demand, as well as play the role of stabilizing the power system as well as keeping power on a large scale.

The peak-shaving and valley-filling features of power storage tools project, as well as the development of long-lasting power storage space equipment represented by 4h is required. According to CAISO data, draw the charging and also releasing curve of battery energy storage devices in a single day in California summertime in 2021.

Pumping energy storage

The energy storage device shops electrical energy at high power throughout the day, as well as discharges at high power during the peak power consumption at night, as well as the height discharge lasts for more than 4 hours.

According to Strategen's study record, by 2045, solar power will become the most crucial renewable resource in California, making up 75%. In order to balance solar energy generation, power needs to be kept for 8 to 12 hours throughout the day, and also the amount of storage as well as dispatch in the evening will certainly also boost. At most, it requires to be continuously released for 12 hrs. The growth of lasting power storage space is essential.

Because of the high proportion of renewable energy power generation in the USA, The golden state is among the initial areas to release a lot of energy storage systems with a continual discharge time of 4 hrs.

Since 2019, the California region has actually begun to deploy 4-hour power storage space systems. According to Strategen's forecast, The golden state will release 2-11GW of lasting energy storage equipment by 2030, and 45-55GW of long-term energy storage space configurations will be understood by 2045

Long -term energy storage

Three stages of long-duration energy storage

For long-lasting energy storage space, the most important point is to give assistance for the versatile adjustment of the power system. Essentially, in the power system, the demand side of flexible resources is mainly wind power and also photovoltaic power generation centers; the versatility of the power system generally comes from 2 aspects, one is the flexible power generation of the original generator set, and the various other is the storage system. configuration of energy centers.

Lithium battery energy storage

When we assess the speed of innovation, we simplify the adaptability companies into 3 parts: stock systems; mature power storage space approaches - pumped storage; brand-new power storage innovations. This way, it is feasible to roughly outline the progression of power storage as the proportion of wind and also solar energy generation progressively enhances.

Specifically, it can be divided right into three phases:

Phase 1: About 10% of wind power generation (representing the stage China will certainly remain in around 2021):.

The tactical window period for the advancement of brand-new long-lasting energy storage modern technology is at this phase, the existing producing units (coal power, gas power) can be transformed to offer even more versatile source assistance; the typical energy storage space method pumped storage because of the building and construction period Longer (6-8 years), it needs to be intended and launched immediately; the expense of brand-new power storage space tasks is still too expensive, however if there is still a gap in flexibility, new energy storage space jobs need to be filled up as soon as possible.

Energy storage equipment

Stage 2: A level of around 20% of wind power generation (corresponding to the stage China will certainly be in around 2025):.

At this phase, the decisive battle for the automation of brand-new lasting energy storage technology to decrease expenses goes to this phase. The makeover of existing producing units is basically finished as well as can not provide more step-by-step versatility; The primary force; right now, the need for brand-new power storage has even more increased.

Phase 3: Regarding 30% of wind power generation (representing China's stage of about 2030, representing the stage of The golden state in 2020):.

The cost-optimized lasting power storage space technology is in the period of rapid development in set up capacity. At this phase, the existing devices have no space for improvement as well as are slowly phased out; pumped storage is limited by geographical sources and also can not continue to enhance; just count on brand-new lasting energy storage technologies Supply incremental adaptability sources.

Lithium Ion Battery

Category of long-lasting energy storage space.

The qualities and expense decrease of energy storage technologies are various. According to various application circumstances, long-term power storage technologies will offer a multi-line pattern.

In short, long-term energy storage space innovations can be split into three main lines: mechanical energy storage, thermal power storage, and chemical power storage space. Amongst them, mechanical energy storage consists of pumped water storage and pressed air energy storage; warm storage is mainly molten salt warmth storage space; chemical power storage consists of lithium-ion battery energy storage space, sodium-ion battery power storage as well as liquid flow battery energy storage.

Sodium ion battery work principle

Preliminary financial investment expense, power storage effectiveness and also cycle life are the three core aspects.

1. The most inexpensive long-term power storage space: pumped hydro storage space, pressed air, lithium-ion battery power storage.

Considering charging costs, pumped hydro storage space and also compressed air power storage innovations are one of the most cost-effective, while lithium-ion battery energy storage space is the electrochemical power storage space modern technology with the most affordable cost per kilowatt-hour at the present phase, and sodium-ion batteries and circulation batteries have reduced expense per kilowatt-hour.

2. Compressed air: When the efficiency is enhanced to 65%, the economic climate is expected to surpass that of pumped storage.

With the enhancement of power storage performance, the expense per unit of electricity of pressed air energy storage innovation will certainly remain to decrease, and it is anticipated to exceed pumped hydro storage as well as end up being the most cost-effective large-scale power storage innovation. Sensitivity evaluation reveals that when the first investment price is 1.4 yuan/Wh, presuming that the energy storage space efficiency is raised to 70%/ 75%/ 80%, the cost each of electricity thinking about the charging price can be lowered to 0.834/ 0.806/ 0.782 yuan/kWh.

Pump storage

Presently, the layout efficiency of Zhangjiakou's 100MW/400MWh advanced compressed air energy storage system has reached 70.4%, and also its operation will certainly be continuously observed in the future.

3. Lithium-ion battery: After the rate of lithium falls, it is still a relatively affordable lasting power storage remedy. With the velocity of industrialization and also the autumn of resources costs, the first financial investment cost of lithium-ion energy storage is anticipated to progressively reduce, which will boost its energy storage space economic climate. Sensitivity analysis is carried out. When the power storage effectiveness is 88%, assuming that the first investment cost of the 10MW/50MWh lithium-ion battery energy storage system is reduced to 1.5/ 1.2/ 1.0 (yuan/Wh), the expense per unit of electrical energy taking into consideration the billing price is 1.081/ 0.966/ 0.890 yuan/kWh.

Promoting rhythm of long -term energy storage

4. Liquid flow battery: preliminary investment cost and also energy storage space efficiency are 2 major constraints. With the velocity of the automation procedure, the preliminary investment cost of fluid circulation battery energy storage space is expected to reduce, and its power storage space effectiveness will gradually raise, which will certainly further enhance the efficiency of circulation battery. KWH expense.

Accomplishing level of sensitivity analysis, when the power storage effectiveness is 75%, presuming that the initial financial investment price of the 10MW/50MWh liquid circulation battery power storage space system drops to 2.5/ 2.0/ 1.5 (yuan/Wh), the expense each of electricity considering billing electrical energy cost will drop It is 1.293/ 1.132/ 0.971 yuan/kWh.

Power Systems

5. Sodium-ion battery: After severe price reduction, it can be made use of as a reasonably affordable long-term energy storage space service. As the industrialization process increases, the preliminary financial investment cost of sodium-ion battery power storage is anticipated to progressively lower, substantially improving its power storage space economic situation.

Liquid storage

Perform sensitivity evaluation, when the power storage effectiveness is 80%, assuming that the first investment cost of the 10MW/50MWh sodium-ion battery power storage system is reduced to 1.6/ 1.3/ 1.0 (yuan/Wh), the price per unit of electricity taking into consideration the billing rate is 1.263/ 1.153/ 1.044. Yuan/kWh. When the initial investment expense drops to 1.3 (yuan/Wh), the price each of electricity will be less than the existing lithium-ion battery.



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