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EV Charger 16A 3 Phase Mini EV Charging Stations for Sale

portable ev chargers are splash, water and dust resistant and have been tested under strictly controlled laboratory conditions to achieve an IP65 rating in accordance with IEC standard 62196. However, the resistance to splashes, water and dust
  • 16A

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Compact and durable, this EV charger fits into most driveways and garages, and is perfect for home use. When you go to the office,picnic, date and more, you can use this portable e-charger and use it as an emergency charge in an emergency. The amps are adjustable, you can choose the amps from 6A-16A, and choose 16A for a quick charge in less time.

We offer OEM / ODM services. You can always consult us regarding the specific situation with the quantity and the needs

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To prevent damage to your charger from liquids, please avoid the following situations :
1. Exposing the charger to pressurised water or high velocity water flow.
2. Intentionally submerging the charger in water.
3.Operating the charger beyond the recommended temperature range or in extremely humid environments
4. Dropping the charger or subjecting it to other shocks.
5. Disassemble the charger, including removing the screws.
If the charger comes into contact with liquid, turn off all power until it is completely dry.
Placing the unit in front of a fan so that cold air is blowing directly on the charging connector may help to speed up the drying process.
Do not use an external heat source to dry the charger, or insert foreign objects such as cotton swabs or paper towels into the charging port.


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