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Exactly how can a liquid circulation battery "charge" a city?

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Exactly how can a liquid circulation battery "charge" a city?

Yesterday, my country's very first megawatt-scale iron-chromium circulation battery power storage demo job was efficiently examined in Inner Mongolia and will soon be taken into business use. This job likewise revitalized the world's biggest capacity record for this modern technology.

Muwa-chromium-liquid flow battery energy storage

The megawatt-level iron-chromium flow battery power storage demo job successfully trialed this time around set up a total amount of 34 "Ronghe No. 1" battery stacks independently established by my nation as well as an energy storage system composed of four collections of storage tanks. The chemical qualities of iron ions and also chromium ions in the liquid store electric energy, as well as can keep 6000 levels of power for 6 hours. Throughout the trial operation of the job, the vital devices ran smoothly, as well as the index parameters were regular, and it will certainly be included right into the grid for commercial operation in the future.

Power grid business

Zhao Jinyu, general manager of the iron-chromium flow battery power storage space task of SPIC Inner Mongolia Firm: After the power storage space job is incorporated into the town grid, it will certainly save tidy electrical energy such as wind and also light, and this part of electrical power can reduce the power variation of the city grid after release, assisting in peak policy as well as frequency regulation of the power grid, and also playing a favorable function in the consumption of a large percentage of new power, power saving as well as carbon reduction.

Energy -saving carbon reduction

Power of the grid

Iron-chromium flow battery is a brand-new sort of energy storage space application technology, which has higher safety and security and economy.

When the power usage is reduced, the battery can be charged by renewable energy such as wind power as well as solar power, and after that released throughout the peak power intake. Additionally, it can also cooperate with standard thermal power, nuclear power as well as various other energy sources to give complementary services such as peak policy as well as regularity law for the operation of the power system, as well as improve the adaptability of the power system.

Renewable Energy

Store power outside the battery

What can a circulation battery do?

The ability of liquid flow battery

Exactly how to save electric energy in a safe, green, and huge quantity has always been an around the world issue. Liquid flow batteries are just one of the remedies to this issue. It can save the electric power required by the city in the electrolyte for a long time, just like a city "Power Financial institution".

CCTV reporter Tao Jiashu: I am currently in a laboratory for research and development of flow batteries, as well as the tools around me is the principle prototype of circulation batteries. The rechargeable battery we usually utilize shops its electric power inside the battery, as well as the greatest feature of the circulation battery is that the electrical energy it stores can be saved outside the battery in the form of liquid, as well as can be broadened as required.

The form of liquid is stored outside the battery

Li Jinghao, technological supervisor of the battery r & d department: This is a small battery. By pouring the electrolyte into the battery, the electrochemical response of charging as well as releasing can be executed in it. The electrolyte can be pumped right into the battery, and then appear and return to the tank. Its tank is the stored electrolyte, as well as the electric energy is saved in the fluid. When we achieve massive, actually, the main components coincide, and afterwards we can execute high-power billing and also discharging.

Storage electrolyte

Professionals informed us that the fluid circulation battery innovation is an energy storage space modern technology that uses the redox response of the electrolyte to understand billing as well as discharging. The product itself will certainly not be lost during the reaction procedure, so the electrolyte can be recycled, and also the more electrolyte, the even more power saved. The more electricity, it is very suitable for large-scale power storage.

Shen Feng, replacement general supervisor of SPIC Study Institute of Scientific Research and Innovation: (Flow battery) You can think about it as a cars and truck engine. These 2 containers are equivalent to the fuel container of the car. Exactly how much the cars and truck can run depends upon the size of the fuel container. I send out fuel right into the engine, and after that the engine can run. This is equivalent to a billing process. When you do not use electrical energy, you feed it in and "generate gasoline"

Exactly how can a liquid flow battery "charge" a city?

Convert electrical power into chemical energy and store it in the electrolyte outside the battery, to ensure that the storage space capacity can be raised according to demand, as well as the function of capability development can be attained. So, exactly how does the liquid flow battery "cost" the city?

Flow batteries are primarily made use of for energy storage of renewable energy. Currently, the mounted capability of wind power as well as photovoltaics in my nation is enhancing. Nonetheless, these renewable resource sources are intermittent and are conveniently affected by the weather condition. The created power varies, as well as cities can not straight use these periodically created electrical energy.

Wang Baoguo, Professor of Electrochemical Energy Conversion and also Energy Storage Space Research Study Workplace, Department of Chemical Engineering, Tsinghua College: There requires to be a power storage device that can adjust to change this volatility, regulate, take care of, and regulate these unpredictable source of power, and allow it efficiently offer us Production and living services, circulation batteries will certainly play a big function in this facet in the future.

Liquid flow battery

If a fluid flow battery power storage space power plant is built at the power generation end, the power generated successively can be kept and provided to the city for usage, to ensure that the city can be "billed".

Wang Baoguo, Professor of Electrochemical Energy Conversion as well as Energy Storage Research Study Office, Department of Chemical Engineering, Tsinghua College: It is like a power bank, which saves it (power) when required, and after that takes it out when we utilize it, comparable to this This is the principle of a bank that shops electrical energy.




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