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Ip65 Off Grid Outdoor Solar Panel Power Energy System

1:Off-grid system is suitable for areas without grid-connected or unstable geid-connected power.

2:Off grid system is usually composed od solar panels. connector, inverter, battery and mounting system.
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solar system

● Solar power will be the first power to supply load and could be charged to battery as power storage.

● Solar system are available of both single phase and three phase.

● Solar system three phase could be off grid hybrid,complete and perfect solar system integrated

solution, don't need to buy two inverters.

● Solar inverters allowable setting by end customers , solar power first,electricity power second, battery

power third.

● High capacity of lithium battery bank for more than 10 years long time life design.

● Unique supplier for big power BMS technology , better than market 90%,customized design to match

these solar inverter.

● Automatic charging and conversion and silent operation and micro processor control Unique big power

BMS technology for.

● Big LCD display with clearly working status and working mode .user could check the charging current       and  solar power generation via the LCD display.

● User could set the working mode according to actual requirement.it can be solar priority or solar power

and AC power.

● Three step charging,user AC could set the charging current according to the battery capacity or intensity   of the sunlight,the maximum charging current could be 30 Amp.

● User could choose battery type to reach the best charging and protect the battery.also can choose

recondition battery.

● With low voltage,over voltage,short circuit, over load protection.

● Output isolation,stable and reliable performance.

● Lithium battery bank design, more reliable and longer service life

solar kit


solar system kit

200ah powerwall

solar energy storage system

solar energy system 10kw

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