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New energy photovoltaics: from grid-connected to off-grid

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New energy photovoltaics: from grid-connected to off-grid

From the existing point of view, there are two normal applications of photovoltaics, grid-connected systems and off-grid systems. The grid-connected system depends on the power grid, and adopts the functioning setting of "self-consumption, surplus power on-grid" or "full on-grid". The off-grid system does not depend upon the power grid, as well as counts on the functioning mode of "storage as well as usage" or "first storage space and afterwards utilize". For households in areas without grid or constant power outages, off-grid systems have solid practicality.

Pacific reaction of the grid inverter

Given that off-grid is an inflexible demand, the revenue is reasonably high. As a grid-connected installer, if you wish to do an off-grid task, you need to transform part of your reasoning. If you continue to use the grid-connected concept to do off-grid, you might not have the ability to make offers or meet customer needs.

Photovoltaic grid system

1. Off-grid systems do not count as ROI

When we invest cash in property, supplies, market as well as various other projects, we need to determine just how much money we can earn every year and also the amount of years we can repay our capital. There are state aids for grid-connected power generation. Building a power station is an investment habits, and clients are most concerned about the return on investment. Yet when we purchase a cellphone, computer system, clothes as well as other requirements of life, we will certainly not count the number of years we can earn back the resources. The very same holds true for off-grid systems Except for a few locations where electrical power rates are specifically expensive and also very rich, most of them are To meet individuals's fundamental living electricity requires, if the very same off-grid customer computes the return on investment, it may not have the ability to repay in 10 or perhaps 15 years, as well as customers might cancel the idea of installing off-grid. The reason why off-grid systems can not be regarded as grid-connected systems economically is that off-grid systems are much more expensive than grid-connected systems.

Photovoltaic network system

2. High cost of off-grid systems.

The off-grid system contains photovoltaic varieties, solar controllers, inverters, battery packs, loads, etc. Compared with the grid-connected system, there are much more batteries, which occupy 30-40% of the price of the power generation system, which is practically the same as the elements. Moreover, the service life of the battery is not long. The lead-acid battery is normally 3-5 years, and the lithium battery is generally 8-10 years, as well as requires to be changed after that.

Lead -acid battery life low

For inverters with the exact same power, the off-grid price is 1.5 to 3 times that of grid-connected inverters. Off-grid inverters are extra complex than grid-connected inverters. Grid inverters normally have a four-level framework, consisting of controller, boost, inverter, and also isolation, as well as the cost has to do with twice that of grid-connected inverters.

Energy storage battery

For the same power, the overload capability of the off-grid inverter is greater than 30% higher than that of the grid-connected inverter. The front-stage of the grid-connected inverter is linked to the elements, and also the outcome is attached to the grid. Normally, overload capability is not needed, since there are few components with result power. If the outcome of the off-grid inverter is higher than the ranked power, the result of the off-grid inverter is connected to the tons, and several tons are inductive loads. The beginning power is 3-5 times the rated power, so the overload capability of the off-grid inverter is a difficult sign. The power of the device will raise, which indicates that the cost will be high.

The outcome of off-grid inverters is low. Currently, the photovoltaic grid-connected market share has to do with 98%, and the off-grid market share has to do with 2%. The delivery quantity is very reduced, it can not be automated manufacturing, and the raw product and also production expenses are much higher.

3. Why should the off-grid system be outfitted with power storage batteries?

storage battery

In the solar off-grid system, the power storage battery accounts for a large proportion, and also the expense is similar to that of the solar module, yet the life-span is much shorter than that of the solar component. Electrical power. Off-grid systems must be furnished with power storage batteries, why?

Initially, the photovoltaic power generation time and also the tons power consumption time are not necessarily synchronized. In the photovoltaic or pv off-grid system, the input is the element, which is made use of for power generation, and the outcome is linked to the tons. Photovoltaic produces electricity during the day, and only generates electrical energy when there is sunshine. Generally, the power generation is the greatest at noon. Nonetheless, at twelve noon, the demand for power is not high. Lots of houses make use of off-grid power plant to use electrical energy at night. What to do with the electricity produced during the day? Initially, the energy storage device is the power storage battery. Await the optimal of electricity usage, such as 7 or eight o'clock at night, and after that launch the power.

Photovoltaic power generation time

Second, solar power generation and also tons power are not necessarily the very same. Photovoltaic or pv power generation is influenced by radiation, which is not extremely secure, and the tons is not steady, such as air conditioners and fridges. The tons will certainly trigger the system to be unstable, and the voltage will certainly rise and fall. The power storage battery is a power equilibrium device. When the photovoltaic power is above the lots power, the controller sends out the excess energy to the battery pack for storage space. When the photovoltaic power can not fulfill the lots needs, the controller sends out the battery power to the lots.

Working principle diagram of the web inverter

In addition to the above 3 points, the layout of the off-grid system is various from that of the grid-connected system. Components, inverters, as well as power storage batteries must be customized according to the needs of customers. Only by altering these reasoning, can the off-grid system be done well.



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