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The 12th China International Energy Storage Conference was successfully held in Hangzhou

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The 12th China International Energy Storage Conference was successfully held in Hangzhou

China International Energy Conference

China Energy Storage Network News: The successful convening of the 12th China International Energy Storage Conference in Hangzhou has brought a full display window to the application of energy storage related technologies. By observing the development of the energy storage industry chain of this conference, it is clear that the water cooling technology is valued by the industry and has also become a trend of the development of energy storage thermal management technology. At this conference, dozens of companies including Yingvik, Tongfei, Gaolan, Black Shield, Xiangbo and other dozens of companies bring all -line liquid cooling equipment, covering the core products such as liquid cooling units, cooling boards and other liquid cooling systems; in addition Energy storage integrated equipment based on liquid lithium, strange point, Nandu, honeycomb, and other manufacturers also brought liquid cooling technology.

The liquid cooling energy storage system is generally used as a cooler solution for the ethylene glycol water solution. Combined with the use of large -capacity battery cells, the battery cell is integrated and arranged on the liquid cooling plate to form a PACK unit. Relative to the previous air-cooled system, the energy density has been greatly improved. The battery cells can achieve a temperature balance of about 3-5 ° C, effectively improving the consistency level of the battery, increasing the battery energy utilization rate of the entire life cycle of energy storage, reducing the battery The risk of heat out of control.

Liquid cold storage

The liquid cooling technology itself is not a new technology. Because it has the advantages of large calories, low flow resistance, and high heat exchange efficiency, it has been widely used in SVG, data centers, DC equipment, electric vehicles and other fields. Due to its excellent temperature management characteristics New applications in the field of energy storage have gradually become the mainstream choice of the market.

Liquid cold electric vehicle

At present, the mainstream energy storage integrated manufacturers, including domestic and foreign mainstream energy storage integrated manufacturers, have basically launched energy storage equipment based on liquid cooling and cold management technology and starting from the second half of last year. It has gradually been widely used in many projects. Energy storage product, ALL IN liquid cooling technology route.

Energy storage system liquid hot and cold management

The integrated method of liquid cold compartment includes integrated methods such as centralized battery compartment and split battery compartment (cabinet). Among them, centralized battery compartment generally has a centralized liquid cold unit, and the battery cluster is directly parallel or via DC/DC flowers to connect. Entering concentrated PCS, the cabin type generally includes two types: single -row door and double -row door opening. The single -column opening is represented by the products of manufacturers such as Tesla PowerPack; the dual -column opening is represented by the products of manufacturers such as EnerC in Ningde Times. The split battery compartment (cabinet) uses a distributed liquid cold unit, which can generally use the cabinet or cabinet structure. The functions and systems of each cabinet are relatively independent. They can implement a modular combination according to the project scale. In addition to the type, the distributed battery compartment (cabinet) can also be converted into communication by a single cabinet -style PCS, and multiple PCS communication side is connected to the local transformer mode.

Split battery compartment

In terms of fire protection, the liquid cooling energy storage system has also achieved technological innovation. Due to the high protection level of the PACK battery, the IP67 protection level can generally reach the IP67 protection level, and the cluster -level fire protection requires high requirements for the structure and seal requirements of the cabin. The advantages, set the detector+fire extinguishing measures in the liquid cooling PACK to achieve early predictions and precise spraying. In terms of fire media, whole fluorine is gradually being promoted due to its better cooling performance. In addition, some manufacturers also proposed to use gas solution as conventional fire protection methods.

Principle of energy storage cold system

The liquid cooling system also has its advantages in fire prevention and explosion -proof design. Due to the use of a non -step structure, the battery cabinet can be isolated by fireproof partitions to reduce the mutual impact. For example, last year, a fire accident occurred in an energy storage power station in Australia, and the liquid -cooled energy storage equipment supplied by Tesla realized the characteristics of good accident spread between cabinets and reduced the scope of losses.

Fire accidents in energy storage power stations

Energy storage technology has developed rapidly. The liquid cooling technology has great advantages in improving the consistency level and integrated energy density of the battery. The relevant regulations and specifications need to adapt to the development direction of integrated technology. For example, for the energy storage liquid cooling equipment that uses cabinet integration methods, a single energy storage unit contains several battery cabinets. It is recommended that the national standard "Design Specifications for Electrochemical Energy Storage Power Station" (soliciting opinion drafts) of the fire -storage cabinet combined with battery energy or battery energy or The fire distance is divided according to the energy storage unit, not according to the 3M cabinet distance.

Fire distance

In addition, the liquid cold system cannot be fully covered due to the contact surface of the battery cell and the cold plate, and the temperature control of the battery cells still cannot achieve the balance of temperature. The industry needs to be further studied in the balance of the battery temperature; Factory equipment can adapt to the environmental temperature of the lowest -30 ° C, and it is difficult to adapt in particularly cold areas such as Inner Mongolia and Northeast China.



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