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How to know ahout Customized service for all of our clients ?

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Customized service for all of our clients

Our factory pay great attention to every step to ensure the best battery solution is designed for our customers, we care about every detail in the battery processing process: elegant structure, solid welding, etc. Ensure the best safety performance and longest life battery pack for our customers

One of our most successful projects is home power battery, ESS energy storage systems, small home and commercia solar systems,other is electric vehicles, AGV applications, golf carts, etc. The professional engineer team of Terli has more than 10 years experience in the field of lithium batteries, and the research and development can customize any best lithium battery solution according to the requirements, which is a good substitute for lead-acid batteries, etc.

--- Welcome to contact us! If you have any requirements for batteries, our engineers will customize the best solution for you

We have developed new home power solutions (48v100ah 150ah 200ah 300ah 400ah), welcome to inquire!

If there is no lithium battery you want, you can tell us, we also support customized services, including size, color, pattern, etc.

Terli is a manufacturer of lithium batteries with excellent performance in harsh environments with more than 10 years of experience, mainly: lithium ion batteries, lifepo4 batteries, energy storage batteries, commercial and industrial energy storage batteries, solar batteries, golf cart batteries, forklift batteries , EV batteries, etc.

Advanced automation equipment helps battery packs perform well

Our lifepo4 battery packs feature 

1;ultra-long cycle life, 

2;high charge-discharge rate,

3:high energy density,

4:ultra-stable performance and safety in different temperature environments.

5;We pay attention to every step to ensure high-quality battery packs for our customers.

Cell capacity sorting: Ensure cell balance accuracy and ensure that the assembled battery pack has the best capacity and quality.

Cell IR Test: Carry out internal resistance test to ensure the best consistency of the best battery pack combination.

Battery Pack Multiple Testing: Ensures optimal power performance of battery packs and extends battery pack life.

Automatic welding: avoid insufficient welding and ensure the quality of battery pack assembly.

Comprehensive test: comprehensive test of large battery, cycle times, IR, consistency, accurate data, perfect curve, 100% qualified.

Professional engineer team:

With an excellent team of engineers with more than 10 years of rich experience in lithium battery research and development, we can design excellent battery solutions for customers! Our electromechanical engineers are specialized in structure, software and hardware, which ensures that our battery packs comply with the most competitive cells, battery packs and BMS solutions as well as advanced lithium technology.

Good raw material supply chain guarantees better products: established long-term business relationship with well-known IC and battery factory(CATL,EVE, BYD...)

Professional logistics: The battery will be arrange shipment as soon as are ready. By air or express, by sea as instructed!

Global Exhibition: Consulting on the best battery solutions for global customers!

Great service: reply within 24 hours. Good quality, competitive price, fast shipping within 7 working days...

To achieve a win-win situation for factories and customers!



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