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Terli Lifepo4 High-quality Battery production standards

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The rising global demand for solar,wind and other clean energy has seen the market grow exponentially over the last few years, with the trend predicted to continue. Due to the inherent limitations of renewable energy, the lithium battery energy storage industry develop rapidly.

And people in urban and rural area often have to encounter power cuts and irregularities in power distribution during the peak times. Terli solar power home battery can store the electricity for you effectively and smoothly. It reduces your reliance on the grid by storing your solar energy for use when the sun isn’t shining. Use it to save money, reduce your carbon footprint and prepare your home for power outages.


While power needs will vary from home to home, customize your system depending on how long you need backup power. Please feel free to contact for the best solution.

The energy storage battery pack serves as an energy storage unit, and constitutes a small micro grid system with power grid, solar modules, and solar inverter. The energy storage battery pack is a core component of the system.


HOW IS QUALITY & PRODUCTION GUARANTEED ? Check out our advanced production facilities and testing facilities .


Terli provide both battery cells and battery packs, with the most advance production technology and the highest quality components, to make our lithium batteries unlike others in the market. strictly follow the high-standard production and testing processes, to guarantee lithium batteries are qualified and safe for use in different applications

Analog Car Vibration Test of Lithium Battery

Analog the damage caused by bumps in the transportation process, to make sure the resistance of lithium battery for environmental vibrations.

Analog Lithium Battery encountered different road conditions such as bumps, uphills, downhills, turns, sharp turn, etc. Terli Lithium Battery is suited to all the above road conditions, not only with stable performance, but also safe and secure.

Waterproof test on lithium battery

Terli  high technology lithium batteries are widely used in marine, like the Yachts, Fishing Boats, Sailing boats, Kayak, Catamaran, etc. 

widely use

People may concern if the batteries are safe enough to operate on my vehicles.

Multimeter measuring battery voltage and current, battery work normally, and fish is alive, No electric leakage. Terli high technology including special processing on lithium battery production crafts to meet the requirements of IP standard in different installation and operating environment. If you want waterproof lithium battery, we are very pleasure to 

provide you, please let us know your requirements.

safe test

To approve the safety of our lifepo4 batteries, we had a series of environmental tests.The battery pack is penetrated by two nails, after 6 minutes, there is no fire, no explosion during the whole testing process.The stable chemistry of lifepo4 battery proofs to be outstanding safe for use even in extremely tough operating environment.

Over-temperature Protection

With over temperature protection, BMS will cut off discharge or charge when battery temperature meet 65℃.

Over-temperature Protection

Custom Solutions according to working enviroment

Cold Environment

Precharge circuit to heat up battery,

Choose special low temperature cells,

... ...

We have a lot of standard batteries for replacement of lead acid batteries, meanwhile, we also accept OEM/ODM orders.  Please feel free to contact us, no matter you are looking for a professional battery solution for your products, or you are just thinking about to know more about lithium battery.


We strive to produce and provide the safest lithium battery to customers. Our lithium battery have been rigorously tested and certified to be safely used in wide applications around the world.


Recently, all lithium batteries are required to pass UN38.3 for shipment. We are proud of our batteries are conform to UN38.3 shipping regulations that are safe for air or sea shipping.



Terli can also cooperate to help applying for other safety relevant certifications to meet the market demand as per customer's request. Like CE, MSDS, UL, IEC etc.

Certificate Time:

CE -----  2 weeks          MSDS ----- 1 weeks           UN38.3 ----- 4 weeks         UL/IEC ----- 10 weeks

Certificate Cost:

This contains two costs - Sample & Testing.  Both of them are charged basing on exact battery specification. You are welcome to inform us the battery model you are interested for quoting.


Terli Advantages:

First-class R&D team: Our R&D colleagues are from the TOP3 Lithium battery companies in China. we have very rich experience in lithium battery design, electronics, system testing and real application. Our R&D manager, Mr.Yan is the visiting professor of Shenzhen Technology College, we keep close communication with famous university and scientific institution. We promise to offer you a professional and high cost-effective battery solution for you.

Strict Quality Control: We set a series strict QC standards include battery battery appearance, package, internal structure,charge / discharge performance, IP request etc. We strictly obey this standards to make sure every customers can get high quality battery from us.

Customer first culture: 80% of our customers are 3 years above close win-win cooperation partner. We treat our customers as our friends, family members. Every batteries we produced, sold are priceless trust from customers, so we cherish it and we keep a grateful, royalty and honesty heart to our customers.



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