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Detailed description of the functioning concept as well as application circumstances of lithium-ion battery energy storage power plant

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Detailed description of the functioning concept as well as application circumstances of lithium-ion battery energy storage power plant

energy storage

The power storage space market, particularly the lithium-ion battery energy storage space market, is considered to have a broad market area and diverse application scenarios. The power storage space industry has been enhanced by a number of grid-side projects, both in terms of new installed ability as well as scale of procedures. Many domestic as well as international lithium-ion battery firms likewise pertain to power storage space systems (ESS) as one more blue sea besides power lithium batteries as well as actively release them.

The working principle of lithium-ion battery energy storage power plant

lithium-ion battery

The functioning principle of emergency situation lithium battery power storage space lorries or megawatt-level set power storage power stations is to directly convert high-power lithium-ion battery loads right into single-phase and three-phase air conditioner power through inverters. Normally, you just need to freely pick the billing period to bill the battery pack. When the lithium-ion battery pack is completely billed, it can be called at any moment. The power storage battery is an essential part of the solar photovoltaic power generation system to store power and also electrical energy. Its important feature is to keep the electrical power of the photovoltaic or pv power generation system, and to supply power to the tons when the sunlight is insufficient, at night and in emergency situation conditions.

battery power storage

1. Billing

Emergency situation lithium battery power storage automobiles or megawatt-level fixed power storage power plant are set to have 2 charging sockets, slow-moving and also quick. The fast and sluggish charging approach is to regulate the size of charging time by picking various charging currents. The whole charging process is checked by an intelligent management system. When the voltage of any kind of solitary cell of the lithium-ion battery gets to the established value, the battery charger will instantly terminate the charging of the battery pack.

2. Release

Emergency power storage space lorries or megawatt-level fixed energy storage power plant are specially developed with output interfaces (typically, high-power three-phase result interfaces as well as traditional single-phase result sockets are developed according to user requirements).

3. Maintenance

Normally, you just require to examine the indicators of each solitary battery on the display screen of the lithium-ion battery management system, as well as no hands-on maintenance is called for. The battery management system is given with knowable capability screen, voltage display screen, as well as display screen of the temperature of each solitary battery and its minimum or optimum voltage.

Lithium-ion battery power storage power plant application situations

As an arising application scenario, energy storage space lithium-ion batteries have actually gradually stood out. Energy storage space is among the crucial methods to resolve the recurring volatility of brand-new energy wind power as well as photovoltaics and also accomplish the function of "shaving heights as well as flat valleys". In the sensible application of power energy storage in my country, the four most important areas are renewable energy grid link, user side, grid side and also complementary services.

1. Power storage emergency situation power supply vehicle

emergency power supply

The energy storage space emergency power supply lorry is composed of lithium-ion battery pack, inverter, battery management system, and so on. The inverter straight converts the battery right into single-phase as well as three-phase alternating existing. Typically, you just need to freely pick the billing amount of time to charge the battery pack. When the battery pack is totally charged, it can be called any time within a year, as well as there is no demand for floating cost. We can supply 100KW, 1000KW, 5000KW, megawatt-class mobile emergency situation energy storage space lorries, which can be used in the field of national protection and also armed forces, civil disaster alleviation or large public occasions. Usually, it is totally charged with low valley power, as well as it prepares to be sent out to the destination any time.

2. Energy storage space stationary power station

Energy storage space stationary power station

The energy storage dealt with power plant is made up of lithium-ion battery pack, BMS management system, PCS converter system, EMS power surveillance system, supporting systems (consisting of temperature control, fire protection, etc), and also is a power station-type power storage space system installed in a container. Because lithium-ion batteries have reduced self-discharge, they do not need to operate in a drifting charge state for a long period of time like conventional lead-acid batteries or nickel-cadmium as well as nickel-metal hydride batteries. The power storage space power plant is integrated with the brand-new energy power generation system to come to be the dispersed power source of the independent micro grid. It appropriates for providing trustworthy power supply in areas without power or lack of electricity, and also can additionally provide peak shifting and also valley filling as well as top shaving and also regularity law solutions for large power grids.

The battery power storage space power station can be integrated with distributed/centralized new energy power generation, which is one of the efficient ways to solve the trouble of brand-new energy power generation grid link. It has actually ended up being a major essential innovation supporting my country's clean energy advancement method.

3. Interaction back-up power supply

The market for communication backup power primarily includes 2 components, one is that the power storage space of recently developed base stations constitutes an annual market increment; the other is that the expiration as well as replacement of existing base station batteries comprise the basic quantity of the market yearly. my nation's iron tower introduced that it will certainly no longer acquire lead-acid from this year. Thinking about that the range of echelon batteries is not nearly enough to fulfill, there will certainly be a wave of demand for lithium battery purchase and replacement around 2020. Furthermore, 50,000-100,000 brand-new base stations will certainly be developed yearly, which will produce 1.2-2.4 GWh of lithium battery demand. In overall, there will have to do with 10GWh of battery need per year, which will certainly be met by iron-lithium-ion batteries as well as cascade application batteries.

Recap: Lithium-ion battery power storage modern technology has the advantages of high effectiveness, application flexibility, and also quick action rate, as well as progressively inhabits a progressively crucial setting in the power storage space market. Lithium-ion batteries can be utilized in power high quality, reliability control, backup power, peak shaving, energy management, renewable energy storage space, etc.



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