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OCPP Compliant 7KW AC Type 2 EV Charger with Socket

portable ev chargers are splash, water and dust resistant and have been tested under strictly controlled laboratory conditions to achieve an IP65 rating in accordance with IEC standard 62196. However, the resistance to splashes, water and dust
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This product offers EV controllable AC power. Designed by integration Module. Having multi-protection functions, friendly UI, automatic charging control. This product can offer real-time communication with Monitoring Center or Operations management Center via RS485, Ethernet, 3G/4G GPRS. Can upload real-time charging status, monitor real-time connecting status of the charging cable. Once the connection break off, the charging stops immediately to make sure the safety of both people and vehicle. This product can be installed in society parking lots, Residential quarters, Superstores, Roadside parking, etc.



Scope of application

The AC charging pile provides AC 50Hz, rated voltage 220V AC power supply, and is supplied to an electric vehicle with a vehicle charger.Mainly applicable to the following places Large, medium and small electric vehicle charging stations;

Various public places with electric car parking spaces, such as urban residential quarters, shopping plazas, and electric power business places;High-speed service area, station terminal and other transportation hub areas.

working environment

The ambient air temperature during operation is -25 ° C ~ 50 ° C, 24 h daily average temperature ≤ 35 ° C;

Monthly average relative humidity ≤ 90% (25 ° C), no condensation on the surface;

Atmospheric pressure 80kPa ~ 110kPa;

Installation vertical inclination ≤ 5%;

The harsh level of vibration and impact of the place is ≤I level, and the external magnetic field induction intensity in any

direction is ≤1.5mT;

The use site must not have explosive atmospheres. The surrounding media does not contain harmful metals and conductive gases that damage the insulation and conduct electricity.Medium, not allowed to be filled with water vapor and more serious mold;

The place of use should avoid direct sunlight. When installing outdoors, it is recommended to install a shading facility for the charging pile;

When the user has special requirements, it can be resolved through consultation with our company.


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