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Should the photovoltaic or PV power plant be attached to the grid or off-grid? Do I require batteries?

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Should the photovoltaic or PV power plant be attached to the grid or off-grid? Do I require batteries?

When many people are mosting likely to set up a solar power station system on their roofing, they will constantly battle with an inquiry: should it be on-grid or off-grid, and do I need a lifepo4 battery? Today, Terli power will undoubtedly tell you the distinction between both.

In simple terms for us:

The off-grid photovoltaic or PV power station shops the solar power generation in the lifepo4 battery and then transforms it right into the house 220V/380V voltage via the solar inverter.


The on-grid photovoltaic or PV power terminal can likewise be comprehended from the name. The on-grid photovoltaic power terminal has no electric energy storage device and is straight transformed right into the voltage called for by the national grid via the inverter and is offered top priority to families.


Presently, all over the world plan supports and strongly sustains solar photovoltaic or PV power generation. As long as the home photovoltaic or PV power plant generates electrical energy, there will be state aids. Nevertheless, if you want to link to the grid, you should first put it on the local national grid department.

Specific distinctions:

On-Grid solar power system

On-Grid solar power system

On-Grid solar power system ways that it should be linked to the general public grid, that is, the solar power generation, the residence grid, and the general public grid, are linked together. This is a power generation system that should rely upon the existing grid to run.

It is primarily made up of solar panels and inverters. The outcome of photovoltaic panels is straight exchanged 220V/380V conditioning power by the inverter as well as supplies power to family home appliances. When the power created by solar power exceeds the power made use of by home appliances, excess electrical energy will be provided. To the public grid, and also when the solar power generation can not fulfill the help of family devices, it is automatically supplemented from the grid. And this entire process is intelligently controlled and does not call for hands-on procedure.

solar power system

Given that this photovoltaic or PV power generation system does not need to use batteries, it also substantially conserves expenses. In particular, the brand-new grid-connection plan provided by the state has clearly mentioned that house photovoltaic or PV power plants can be connected to the grid free of charge, and also excess electrical power can also be marketed to power companies. From the long-term point of view of investment, according to the 25-year life span of the home photovoltaic power plant, the price can be recovered in about 5 years, and the staying two decades are made. If you desire to conserve electricity costs as well as provide a hassle-free power supply, you ought to select a grid-connected solar power generation system, which is also the mainstream technique at existing.

Off-grid photovoltaic power system

Off-grid photovoltaic power system

This is additionally called an independent photovoltaic power station. It is a power generation system that operates separately without depending on the grid. It is generally composed of solar panels, energy storage batteries, the fee as well as discharge controllers, inverters, and also various other elements. The electricity sent out by the photovoltaic panel straight flows right into the battery and is saved. When it is necessary to supply power to the electric device, the DC present in the battery is exchanged 220V air conditioner by the inverter, which is a repeated cycle of charge and also discharges. Because this power generation system is not restricted by area, it is commonly used and can be installed and used as long as there is sunlight. It is really suitable for remote locations without power grids, isolated islands, fishing watercraft, outside breeding bases, and so on, and can likewise be made use of as regular power interruptions. Regional emergency power generation tools.

This kind of system has to be furnished with batteries and also inhabits 30-50% of the expense of the power generation system. The solution life of the battery is typically 3-10 years, as well as it has actually to be replaced after that, which enhances the price of usage. In regards to the economic climate, it is hard to be popularized and utilized widespread, so it is not suitable for use in the position where power is convenient.

Nevertheless, it is very practical for families in locations without power grids or areas with regular power blackouts. Particularly in order to fix the light's trouble during a power failure, DC energy-saving lights can be used, which is really functional. Consequently, off-grid power generation systems are specially designed for use in areas without power grids or areas with regular power failures.

When the power created by solar energy exceeds the power utilized by house appliances, excess power will be supplied. In certain, the brand-new grid-connection policy issued by the state has plainly mentioned that house photovoltaic or PV power terminals can be attached to the grid for free, and also excess power can also be sold to power businesses. It is very appropriate for remote areas without power grids, separated islands, fishing watercraft, exterior reproduction bases, and so on, and also can additionally be used for frequent power outages. It is very sensible for households in locations without power grids or locations with frequent power failures. Off-grid power generation systems are specially made for usage in locations without power grids or locations with constant power interruptions.

To sum up, the off-grid system is still more convenient.

With the rapid development of lithium battery technology, the price of lithium batteries is getting lower and lower, and the economic benefits are getting higher and higher...

Terli power believe that there will be more and more off-grid systems.



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