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To open new tracks for low-voltage lithium batteries and also power storage, Camel shares throw out a 6.8 billion financial investment plan

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To open new tracks for low-voltage lithium batteries and also power storage, Camel shares throw out a 6.8 billion financial investment plan

With the fast advancement of the new power automobile market and the energy storage market, Camel, which concentrates on lead-acid batteries, has transformed its reasoning in a prompt manner to lay out brand-new tracks. While maintaining the business's traditional advantages, it has actually remained to raise its focus on the new power area.

New energy field

On February 28, Camel revealed that it prepares to invest 6.8 billion in Xiangyang Sophisticated Zone to develop 12 million sets of low-voltage lithium battery manufacturing bases as well as 10GWh energy storage space lithium battery production base jobs, and also intends to go over with the Xiangyang State-of-the-art Area Administration Committee Those financial investment tasks worked out in the Shenzhen Industrial Park of Xiangyang High-tech Area and also signed the "Task Entrance Arrangement".

10GWH energy storage lithium battery

According to the announcement, the job will certainly be built in 2 phases, with a rolling financial investment of 3.3 billion yuan in the very first stage, 280 acres of land expropriated, as well as the building and construction of a low-voltage lithium battery production base with a yearly output of 4 million collections and a 2GWh energy storage lithium battery production base.

2GWH energy storage lithium battery

The 2nd phase will figure out the financial investment amount according to the future brand-new power battery market need and production capacity plan, spend 3.5 billion yuan, get 250 acres of land, and build a project with a yearly output of 8 million sets of low-voltage lithium batteries and 8GWh power storage lithium batteries.

For this investment and building strategy, Camel said that it will certainly assist to play the synergistic and also corresponding duty of vehicle lead-acid batteries, adapt to possible market changes and fulfill distinguished market needs. As of the date of the news, the building of the job has not really started, as well as it is not expected to have a considerable impact on the firm's performance for the year.

Car lead acid battery

According to the data, Camel's current primary company is automotive low-voltage lead-acid batteries as well as recycled lead organization. Lithium battery revenue make up a relatively small proportion (the business's lithium battery revenue will certainly make up regarding 0.15% in 2021), and also it is the largest automobile low-voltage battery manufacturer in Asia. In June 2011, the firm was listed on the main board of the Shanghai Stock Market.

Regenerative lead business

At the end of April in 2014, Liu Changlai, chairman of Camel, publicly stated that the business developed brand-new development energy in arising tracks such as low-voltage lithium batteries and also power storage. It anticipates that under the management of leading brand-new power car firms, the low-voltage lithium battery market is anticipated to introduce eruptive growth in 2025 at the earliest.

Low -voltage lithium battery and energy storage

The 2022 semi-annual report reveals that Camel's vehicle low-voltage lithium battery products consist of 12V brand-new power vehicle auxiliary batteries, 24V parking air-conditioning batteries, 48V start-stop batteries, backup power supplies, and power storage batteries. The company's automotive low-voltage lithium battery items generally adopt the sales version of fixed-point tasks, as well as accomplish sustaining sales of new energy products through participating advancement as well as fixed-point advancement with OEMs.

Low -voltage lithium battery

Since the initial fifty percent of 2022, Camel mainly advertises the 12V/24V/48V low-voltage platform company, and also has actually finished 11 fixed-point projects for 9 firms. Amongst them, the 12V complementary battery products have met the technical demands of lots of OEMs such as BMW, Chrysler, and so on.

12V auxiliary battery products

In January this year, Camel Battery Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Camel, acquired the main classification letter from BMW Sparkle for the 2025-2028 lead-acid product project as well as became the main vendor of 12V lead-acid items for BMW Brilliance. An additional innovation out there.

12V lead acid products

It is reported that this job is another assigned task after the German BMW 12V lithium battery system job in January 2022, noting the further strengthening of the teamwork between Camel Battery as well as BMW, and additionally settling the company's leading position in the field of residential low-voltage auto batteries.

In regards to performance, as a result of the influence of the epidemic and the general pressure on the auto industry, Camel's profits in the first 3 quarters of 2022 was 9.574 billion yuan, a year-on-year boost of 4.73%, continuing the great state of the previous year; but the web earnings attributable to the parent was 299 million yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 55.59%.

Affected by the overall pressure of the epidemic and the automotive industry



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