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What is lithium-ion battery Load?

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What is lithium-ion battery Load?

Combined battery

Battery PACK typically describes the hybrid battery, which is very important to refine the handling setting up of the lithium-ion battery pack. Refining the battery, battery security board, battery link chip, and label paper is important.

The battery PACK is currently crucial in the lithium-ion battery pack PACK factory. It has its PACK framework design, digital style, and PACK production workshop. After the battery example reaches the consumer's PACK lithium-ion battery customization requirements, allow the PACK assembly line of the PACK workshop to be created and refined.

Lithium -ion battery pack Pack factory

For energy storage power products, the main points of the PACK production process of lithium battery packs are as complies with:

Battery sorting refers to choosing proper variables such as battery Om internal resistance, inner polarization resistance, and opening up voltage. The ranked capability, charging and discharge efficiency, self-discharge price, and so on. By identifying the battery, the battery with excellent battery specifications is separated right into the same classification.

It mostly boosts the inner features of the battery after the development group and aims to boost the use of components and extend its life.

Battery sorting approaches generally include single, multi-variable, and vibrant sorting methods.

Optional group

1. The group approach of a lithium battery includes adhering to actions:

Test the battery capacity

Examine the battery capability: Install the battery cells to be tolerated on the discovery device, fee and release the reuses 3 times according to the needed current, as well as bill the voltage of the fourth solitary battery to the percent range of the rated capability setting;

Obtain the group recommendation reference standard: document specifications such as the discharge capability, constant existing billing time, as well as constant voltage billing time of the 3rd battles;


Electric cell ability sorting: According to the discharge capacity of the battery cells in the third cycle, set the reduced limit ability, and take the battery with a capacity higher than the lower limitation ability as a certified cell;

Preliminary team arrangement: The parameters of the gotten continuous current charging time and the continuous voltage billing time are the criteria.

Appropriate variable

The battery voltage drop: the battery cell with a well-equipped group, in the set atmosphere, store the voltage drop for an amount of time in the set environment. After the taken care of voltage goes down the qualified requirement, it will be designated to the qualified battery cell;

The final configuration of the battery core: Select the battery cell with a voltage drop and the last configuration with a voltage-dropped battery cell.

2, lithium battery team batteries put together components and automatic welding equipment.

Automatic welding machine

When mounting a fixture, you must construct the negative and favorable electrode order of the battery cell in the PE engineer SOP. After the automated welding maker is set, place the fixture battery cells and begin automated welding.

After completing the automated point welding, the high quality requires to be looked at the battery pack of automated welding.

3, lithium battery pack welding PCM/BMS.

Lithium battery pack welding

PCM or PCB (protection circuit module or circuit board) is the "heart" of the lithium battery pack. It will protect lithium batteries from billing, over-discharge, and short circuits to avoid the explosion of the lithium battery pack, fire, and damage.

For reduced-voltage lithium battery packs (<20 batteries), PCMs with a balanced function should be selected to maintain each battery's balance and good service life. For high-voltage lithium battery packs (> < 20 batteries), PCMs with a well-balanced feature must be picked to maintain the balance and great service life of each battery. For high-voltage lithium battery packs (> 20 batteries), making use of innovative BMS (battery monitoring system) need to be thought about to keep an eye on the efficiency of each battery to make sure.

Electrostatic bracelet

Staff members must have electrostatic armbands to prevent PCM/BMS damage to static power because the battery is more secure.

There are different steps according to the design of various battery packs. Suppose it is created as a PCM factor welding. In that case, there is no requirement for welding, and the top quality requires to be bonded to the battery pack to execute a factor welding joint assessment.

If the PCM/BMS requires to be welded, the pack attaches the screw, and the screw connection factor also requires to be executed on the welding joint. Assured top quality. The voltage procurement line must be in order B-, B1 ... to B+ consequently; or pull off the voltage collection line to bonded, welded to complete, find the collection and exclusive inserts, and then attach the BMS after verification.

4, semi-ended up item insulation

Semi -finished product test

For voltage collection wires, cords, and negative and positive electrode output, cable televisions required fixation and insulation. The auxiliary products are generally high-temperature level tape, eco-friendly paper, epoxy board, tie, etc. It is essential to have a feeling of security. The battery group voltage collection cable television or outcome wires can not be superimposed and compressed, easily resulting in a short circuit brought on by pressing damages.

5 semi-completed product examination

After the battery pack is added with BMS, a semi-finished product examination can be carried out. The conventional test includes basic billing as well as discharge screening, the entire team of internal resistance testing, the entire set of ability screening, the whole set of overcharge testing, the entire collection of over -the -box test, brief -circuit examination, overcurrent, overcurrent, examination. If there are unique needs, you need to carry out heat and low-temperature examinations, acupuncture tests, drop tests, salt, haze testing, and so on; unique lithium battery pack testing is damaging, so it is recommended to sample examination.

Take notice of the bearing capacity of the battery pack. If the entire group is an overcharge, whether the BMS can resist high voltage; whether the BMS can endure the instantaneous high -voltage and also highly present throughout brief -circuit testing; whether the BMS can hold up against the pulse existing throughout overcurrent testing, etc.

6. Pack product packaging

Comprehensive test

This action also needs to look at the layout. However, before the packaging, the signal collection line should be done.

PVC packaging battery pack, overheating retaining equipment. Ultrasound seal battery pack, upper ultrasound maker. The battery pack with a metal box is set up in the outer box. In this process, you must focus on the battery pack carefully, and stay clear of crash, squeeze, and so on. The wires must be protected to stay clear of short circuits.

7, the entire group test

The whole group tester established the parameters, and the whole team tester evaluated the battery pack.

Main test items: shipment voltage, inner resistance, straightforward billing, and also discharge.

Unique test things: overcurrent, short circuit.

8, packing and shipment

Press the size of the foam in the size of the foam. Do not place it at will. The internal product packaging is not empty when the battery pack is transported. It is needed to ensure that there suffices foam inside to buffer to stay clear of transportation. For large battery pack Loads, you must organize wooden shelf deliveries for safety reasons.

All procedures and top quality must be tracked and managed above. Each placement requires efficient workers to be proficient while ensuring top quality, yet additionally boosts speed.

The battery PACK is currently vital in the lithium-ion battery pack PACK factory. After the battery sample reaches the consumer's PACK lithium-ion battery personalization requirements, let the PACK production line of the PACK workshop be created and refined.

Battery sorting refers to selecting option variables such as battery Om internal resistance, internal polarization resistanceInner, and opening voltage. By categorizing the battery, the battery with good specifications is split into the same category.

For high-voltage lithium battery packs (> 20 batteries), the usage of advanced BMS (battery monitoring system) should be considered to monitor the performance of each battery to ensure

That the battery is safer.



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