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The energy storage market is scattered into an industry consensus of brand-new and old batteries.

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The energy storage market is scattered into an industry consensus of brand-new and old batteries.

As one of the best tracks nowadays, the expected installed ability of greater than 10 million watts in the energy storage space sector has drawn in funding to increase the influx of capital. Recently, the twelfth China International Energy Storage space Seminar was kept in Hangzhou. A reporter from the Money News Agency gained from the seminar that the scattered energy storage space market is coming to an agreement on the market under the broad prospects. In the mainstream technology path, the electrochemical power storage space market has actually focused on. The lithium battery industry is the most mature, but flammable remains the biggest shortcomings. The fairly risk-free salt and liquid circulation batteries deal with weak industrial structures.

Energy storage conference

According to the statistics of the China Chemical and Physical Power Market Association's Energy Storage space Application Branch, the range of my nation's power storage market in 2021 reached 50 billion to 60 billion yuan, a boost of more than 120% over 2020.

New energy storage

Drunk of the "3060 targets", the energy storage market's high-rate development duration has just started. Pei Aiguo, the basic supervisor of the Scientific research as well as the Modern Technology Information Tools Division of China Energy Building Group, said at the conference that by the end of the "14th Five-Year Strategy" at the end of 2025, the residential new energy storage space capability will leap from the numerous existing kilowatts to 30 million kilowatts to 2030 to 2030 The annual increase will be further increased to about 150 million kilowatts. Also, it might enhance to greater than 1 billion kilowatts by 2050.

Energy storage market

For market companies, energy storage space is absolutely a big cake. Yet, the actual part of the can not only depend on its very own strength yet also affect the selected technological path. Some individuals in the industry informed the CPPCC press reporter: "It is tough for a solitary innovation to satisfy the requirements of the application situations of energy storage, and the decentralization of power storage space markets have essentially come to be a consensus. The alternate risks of brand-new modern technologies on old technologies constantly exist."

Green energy target

It is reported that the so-called energy storage space market decentralization generally refers to the restricted different rooms for electrochemical power storage space technology to pump storage, and different technological routes of electrochemical energy storage space have their own advantages and drawbacks. Financial investment logic is "optimistic concerning electrochemical power storage space, especially the proportion of lithium battery energy storage," or constitutes a particular obstacle. Public information shows that standard pump storage ability accounted for around 90% of the cumulative set-up capacity of residential power storage, and the percentage of electrochemical energy storage makes up only 10%. Course.

In sensible applications, electrochemical power storage space is restrained by high cost and low capability, and whether it can be advertised on a large scale still needs to be clarified. Zheng Yaodong, a unique specialist in China Southern Power Grid Company, "splashed a pot of cold water" for the brand-new power storage space at the conference. He candidly specified that "the academic application circumstances are numerous but tough to land" It has been mature. However, the energy storage effect of electrochemical still needs to be noticed. Since the capability is too tiny, such projects have remained in a demonstration state for a long time. In Zheng Yaodong's sight, the space between the two major energy storage space technology on the application side is greater. "The percentage of pumping storage and electrochemical power storage space is 9: 1. In fact, it is misinterpreting. Is 36: 1. ".

Pump storage

New and also old battery technology have their benefits and negative aspects.

The advantages and disadvantages of lithium batteries

Although there are still different traffic jams in the implementation of electrochemical power storage applications at this phase, driven by the enrichment result of the new energy market, it is still the best technological course. The reporter of the Financial Organization noticed that many exhibitors in this meeting have participated in the lithium battery power storage space business. The content of the conference speech likewise generally focused on lithium battery energy storage power. It was a hot subject to enhance lithium battery capability and security.

As the main technical route of electrochemical energy storage, lithium batteries' benefits and negative aspects are extremely obvious. Its advantage is that it is not limited by regions and has high power, and its industrial centers are older. Nevertheless, expensive lithium resources have significantly deteriorated the competitiveness of lithium battery power storage, and the characteristics of all-natural flammable lithium batteries also make huge-range applications extra obstructive and much longer.

To look for a cost decrease, Xu Guanghui, the replacement general supervisor of Pinggao Group, proposed the long-term sharing of energy storage space or virtual channels. He stated that if a lithium battery's energy storage time is 4 to 12 hrs, the warm administration system will be boosted well. The battery life is anticipated to increase from 6000-7000 to 12,000 times, considerably decreasing the used price. Nevertheless, there are also viewpoints that although the energy storage of lithium batteries is technically viable, its characteristics identify that the brief-term energy storage space effectiveness is much better for around 2 hrs. The prolonged time will inevitably increase the price burden.

It is likewise electrochemical energy storage. The liquid flow battery is undoubtedly extra advantageous in lengthy-term power storage. This style is likewise searched for by the capital market this year. At the meeting, the market firm State Grid British University (600517. SH) said that round fluid circulation batteries have a secure, environmental management, and full-life process economic climate advantage compared to lithium batteries. Can pick among the technologies. Beijing Pu Neng Century Scientific research and also Modern technology additionally stated that the number, as well as the scale of the domestic planning liquid circulation battery energy storage power plant project, is undertaking a round of spray growth, and industry companies have reached the GWH level in the range of hand -in -hand projects.

Although practitioners have the advantages of all-around liquid stream batteries, this innovation faces issues such as low effectiveness. Some views point out that its energy performance is less than 75%. For use, greater than 20% of power loss is excruciating. In the face of brand-new and old battery innovation disputes, some specialists cut in from the viewpoint of "3060 targets", pointing out that the new modern technology creates a complete commercial chain and is not overnight. The "shortcomings" of lithium battery energy storage energy in the industry's mature industrial foundation within a limited time are extra practical.

Full of liquid flow battery

As an arising technology, salt batteries have a certain abstract principle as a result of the technology and lithium battery technology, as well as some individuals in some sectors additionally, value them. Individuals from Zhiguang Electric (002169. SZ) mentioned in an interview that they are positive regarding the prospects of sodium battery power storage and mentioned that the company's battery administration (BMS) products could be applied to lithium batteries and sodium batteries. The reporter of the Federation of Financial has observed that salt batteries also have the advantages of technical safety and sufficient raw materials, yet their automation has progressed slowly. It has been a lithium battery supplement path for a very long time. At this existing power storage seminar

Sodium battery



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