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The possibility of power storage space as well as automobiles is big!

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The possibility of power storage space as well as automobiles is big!

The cost of sodium-ion batteries is expected to be more than 20% less than that of lithium iron phosphate batteries.

With the rate of lithium carbonate remaining high, the growth of sodium-ion batteries has actually brought in much focus.

On November 29, at the sodium-ion battery industry chain and standard advancement discussion forum, sector companies shared the standing and potential customers of sodium-ion batteries.

At the online forum, Huang Qisen, deputy supervisor of Ningde Times Research Institute, claimed that sodium-ion batteries usually can just satisfy the demands of versions with a battery life of less than 400 kilometers. However, through the abdominal muscle battery framework, sodium-ion batteries can fulfill the requirements of designs with a battery life of 500 kilometers, and also are expected to cover about 65% of the pure electrical passenger car market.

Molten salt storage heat

Chen Liquan, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Design, believes that with the improvement of the commercial chain, the improvement of modern technology maturity and also the range result, the expense of sodium-ion batteries is anticipated to be greater than 20% less than that of lithium iron phosphate batteries.

Baiscotec predicts that by 2030, the marketplace dimension of sodium-ion batteries will certainly surpass 200 billion yuan; by 2040, it might reach a trillion-dollar scale.

It is expected to exceed the power density of lithium iron phosphate in 2024

Zhongke Haina is a business that released sodium-ion batteries previously in China. It was founded by a team led by Chen Liquan, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Design, and also has a rather deep technical as well as skill book.

Salt salt energy storage green peak power station

After deducting the reliable ability of the first performance, the existing favorable electrode product has to do with 130mAh/g, and also the negative electrode has to do with 320 mAh/g. Compared to lithium iron phosphate batteries, there is still a particular space

In terms of energy thickness, Li Shujun's volumetric energy density was utilized as a vital sign for contrast. Because in the field of energy storage space, volumetric energy density is more crucial and much more effective.

The volumetric power thickness of lithium iron phosphate is presently concerning 360Wh/L, and that of sodium-ion batteries is 280Wh/L. It is intended to increase to 330Wh/L in 2023. In 2024, the energy density of lithium iron phosphate batteries amounts the current degree, and also it will certainly be able to surpass this degree in the future. Level.

Ningde period provided relatively clear power density information as well as growth objectives. The initial generation of sodium-ion battery products released by CATL in 2021 has an energy density surpassing 160Wh/kg; the energy density of the second-generation sodium-ion battery products will reach 200Wh/kg.

Solar optical heat industry technology

Cycle life is a benefit of sodium-ion batteries. Sodium-ion batteries are presently cycled at concerning 3000-4000 times. Li Shujun said that with the mass production of products as well as batteries, the security of products as well as batteries, and also the effective improvement of the web content of contaminations. It is reasonably quick to raise the number of cycles to 6,000, and then progressively enhance to 8,000 as well as 10,000.

Nevertheless, Li Shujun additionally admitted that the increase in cycle life is not entirely synchronized with the rise in power thickness. Usually talking, the cycle life of cells with high energy thickness will certainly be lower, as well as the power density of cells with high cycle life will certainly likewise be somewhat reduced.

Energy storage space and also vehicles have huge potential customers

Because salt electrical energy has the qualities of great low-temperature performance, steady chemical framework, and also security, energy storage space will certainly be a crucial application field before hopping on the cars and truck.

Industrial steam

( 1) Energy storage: the early advancement of sodium electrical power is quicker than that of lithium ions

Naturally, energy storage space is the rep of the following trillion market, and the development space of sodium ions is likewise big. According to the forecast of the Zhongguancun Energy Storage Space Market Modern Technology Partnership, under a traditional situation, the total set up capacity of brand-new energy storage space will certainly get to 48.5 GW in 2026, with a five-year substance annual growth rate of 53.3%. In a perfect situation, the total mounted capacity will get to 79.5 GW, with a compound yearly development price of 69.2%.

According to Flavor Liang of the Zhongguancun Power Storage Industry Innovation Partnership, the application of sodium-ion batteries in power storage space in the future may be faster than the course that lithium-ion batteries have traveled in the early stage.

Steam heating melt salt energy storage

In terms of policy, the mouth was opened early. At the beginning of 2022, the 14th Five-Year New Energy Storage Growth Implementation Plan issued by the National Development and also Reform Compensation and the National Power Management clearly pointed out that it is essential to promote diversified innovation growth, develop energy storage technologies such as sodium-ion batteries, as well as create a new generation of high-energy density storage. Accomplish classified pilot presentations of various technical routes, research study as well as carry out pilot demonstrations of new-generation high energy thickness energy storage space modern technologies such as sodium-ion batteries and solid-state lithium-ion batteries.

The application of sodium-ion batteries is a crucial one.

Huang Qisen of Ningde era is extremely optimistic about its advancement in the field of energy storage. He believes that salt electrical energy has even more area for system storage space to simplify the structure, the storage price is anticipated to go beyond 80%, the cost will be further lowered, as well as it will better adjust to the ever-segmenting market demand under the history of carbon nonpartisanship

Environmental safety

Obviously, as a result of the benefits of price as well as low-temperature performance, it is identified that sodium electrical power will certainly have a lot more chances to be made use of in the lead-acid market of 100 billion yuan, as well as it has a place in the fractional market of automobile and the all-weather power storage space market

2) Automobile: Salt lithium mix and match can cover about 65% of the marketplace.

The automotive area is additionally an instructions that Ningde age is extremely concerned concerning. Particular to the application of passenger cars, Huang Qisen believes that sodium-ion batteries can fulfill the demands of models with a battery life of less than 400 kilometers. Paired with the abdominal muscle battery innovation created by Ningde Times, the power density of the battery system is even more enhanced through the complementary benefits of lithium and also salt. "The application of sodium-ion batteries is anticipated to be included the series of 500 kilometers of battery life, so it will be oriented to concerning 65% of the marketplace, as well as the application situations are really broad.

Zhongke Haina's item format is round and square batteries

Specifically, Zhongke Haina's small cyndrical tube 26700, beginning with 3Ah, can be quickly increased to 3.5-4Ah, and its lifespan has to do with 3000-5000 times. It is mainly used in the field of small power as well as little power storage space.

Flexibility transformation of thermal power

Medium-sized cylinders, Zhongke Haina's cyndrical tube 32140, begin at about 12Ah, and afterwards rapidly boost to 15Ah. In the future, there will be 46 series cylinders and 60 collection cylinders, with a solitary capacity of about 30Ah and 50Ah, and a service life of 3000-5000 times.

Li Shujun believes that tool and big cylinders will certainly be the primary form of cylinders in the future, as well as they will have a vast array of applications. Along with little power and little energy storage, A00-class automobile, household energy storage, and also commercial as well as commercial power storage might all be The primary item of the future.

In regards to square batteries, Zhongkehaina's tiny square is 27 * 148 series, which is very flexible and is mainly made use of for little power storage, including beginning power. 60 * 160 items are more suitable for backup power in family power storage space, commercial as well as commercial power storage, and also interaction areas.

Clean and heating

Huge square battery, one of the most common is 72 * 173 * 207, lithium iron phosphate battery is commonly used in electrical power storage space. Sodium-ion batteries may start from 240Ah, and then increase to 280Ah or 300Ah, with a cycle life of 5,000-8,000 times, as well as will certainly boost to greater than 10,000 times in the future. It is generally utilized in large electric energy storage, commercial cars and business automobiles as well as other areas.

Li Shujun believes that in regards to product type, representing lithium iron phosphate batteries, medium/large-sized cylindrical as well as square cells are the mainstream direction.

Melving salt hot heat storage heat

National plans additionally highly support the growth of sodium-ion batteries. In April 2021, the National Growth and Reform Compensation as well as the Energy Administration provided guidelines on advertising the development of brand-new energy storage, consisting of sodium-ion batteries, which is the earliest paper in my nation to sustain the development of sodium-ion batteries. Ultimately, the government introduced numerous supporting plans.

Both battery business and materials companies have high wish for the sodium-ion battery market.

Currently, significant domestic battery firms and also material companies have actually made setups in the field of salt ions. In addition to Zhongke Haina and also Ningde Times, Zhejiang Nachuang, Zhenhua New Materials, Rongbai, Dangsheng as well as Chengdu Baisco and also other ventures have layouts.

Melving salt is corrosive

It can be seen from the growth roadmap of sodium-ion batteries shown by Li Xiang of Chengdu Baisige Technology Co., Ltd., they anticipate that by 2023, the marketplace size of sodium-ion batteries will certainly exceed 3 billion yuan; in 2025, it will certainly exceed 50 billion yuan, which can be partly replaced Lead-acid batteries are utilized in communication backup power, information center back-up power, and electrical bikes; by 2030, the marketplace dimension will certainly surpass 200 billion yuan, and also they will partly replace lithium manganese oxide batteries, which will certainly be the very first to be used in low-speed cars; Energy and also some power battery applications, changing lithium iron phosphate batteries.



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