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The trick to the "huge surge" of energy storage space is to minimize costs, keep security, and reveal worth.

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The trick to the "huge surge" of energy storage space is to minimize costs, keep security, and reveal worth.

The 12th China International Energy Storage Conference opened in Hangzhou

The theme of the seminar is based on the style of "the new value of power storage space as well as the new market pattern of co-building," as well as discusses the expense, service development, safety, and security as well as model leads of the power storage space industry. At this seminar, the "Southern Power Observation" publication and the China Chemical and Physical Power Market Association Energy Storage Application Branch jointly funded the power storage and also the power market special session (and EO round table) to concentrate on discussing the partnership between power storage and also power market, shared storage Can wait for concerns.

The market size is increasing, and demand is branched out.

Energy Storage Power Station

The brand-new energy setup quantity is large, and also the growth of the power storage space industry has a distinct benefit. Power storage can assist the randomness of new energy and the effect of volatility on the grid.

Lei Bing, replacement director of the Venture Management Study Institute of Southern Power Grid Power Growth Research study Institute, introduced that throughout the "Fourteenth 5 -Year Strategy" period, the 5 provinces of Southern Power Grid alone will add greater than 100 million kilowatts of new power installations. In the next five years, my nation will boost the range of new electrochemical chemical energy storage space capability of virtually 26.73 million kilowatts. The pertinent technical solution market will certainly be about 80 billion yuan.

According to the statistics of the China Chemical and Physical Power Sector Association Energy Storage Application Branch, my nation's power storage production industry chain in 2021 has boosted, with a market dimension of 50-60 billion yuan, an increase of more than 120% over 2020. In the field of R & D and advancement, in 2019, 2019, 2019, In 2020, and 2021, the r & d intensity of the power storage industry got to 12.6%, 18.7%, and 15.6%, respectively.

Energy storage research and development intensity

Taking Zhejiang District as an instance, because of the "Thirteenth 5 -Year Strategy", Zhejiang Province has quickly established a new kind of power storage space in Zhejiang District. By the end of 2021, the province has developed 31 new power storage space power terminals with an overall mounted capability of 76,000 kilowatts. As of July 2022, 39 power storage jobs were advertised in the district with a setup scale of 3.03 million kilowatts.

Peak demand for power grid

Development of Energy Storage Industry

The first is the peak change demands of the province's power grid. With the increase in photovoltaic penetration and the percentage of air -conditioning tons, the district's power grid lots change from the typical double peak curve (noontime as well as night) to the "duck type" curve.

The 2nd is the demand for a high-rate grid. Virtually 1/4 of the Zhejiang District is entered by the province. During the "Fourteenth Five-Year Strategy" duration, the building of a high-speed power grid remained in development. There were huge-scale new energy storage needs near the gain access to a factor of the high-voltage grid gain access to factor. Approximately 1 million kilowatts of energy will be stored throughout the "14th 5 -Year Strategy" duration.

Conventional thermal power plant configuration potential

The third is the possibility of standard thermal power plants. The brand-new kind of power storage regularity modification has the characteristics of a quick rate, strong short-term power throughput capability, etc.

4th, the demands of brand-new power configuration. With the boost of brand-new energy setups such as surroundings, the need for power storage to help in getting rid of new energy increases, and it is expected that energy storage space is expected to need around 2.8 million kilowatts.

Fifth, the potential of the user's side configuration. Users' side energy is mostly used in individuals such as sectors and businesses, saving capacity and electrical energy costs by installing energy storage and acquiring benefits via top valley cost distinctions. Based on the level and electricity attributes of numerous individuals, the initial evaluation of the possibility for allocation according to the principle of marketization, the energy storage space can get to about 1.6 million kilowatts in positive scenarios.

The needs of new energy configuration

Shared energy storage space can lower the financial investment pressure of brand-new power firms.

At the end of 2020, the price of power storage systems in China surpassed the 1.5 yuan/watt-hr landmark. Liu Yanlong, Secretary-General of the Chinese Chemical and Physical Power Industry Organization, claimed that this landmark is considered an inflection factor in the energy storage market. Given that in 2010, the price of energy storage batteries with lithium-ion batteries has remained to decrease, with a decrease of more than 80%.

Demand demand

Nevertheless, due to the surge in upstream basic materials in 2021, the price of energy storage systems increased by about 30% -50%. According to the China Chemical and Physical Industry Association's examination in 2022, the bidding rate in different application situations is between 1.29-1.9 yuan/watt-hour.

Ma Shihao, a deputy chief financial expert of China Electric Power Building Group East China Study and Layout Institute Co., Ltd., thinks that if the range and use of power storage space will certainly rise even more, the cost will normally decrease. Yet, presently, the cost stress of energy storage space is still fairly huge. Significance

The building and construction cost of the energy storage system represents 83% of the full price, while the battery expense accounts for 50% of the total energy storage system construction price. Whether battery costs can decline has become a key concern for energy storage growth. Changes in the cost of raw materials such as lithium iron phosphate are the major factor affecting the rate of the energy storage battery.

Xu Guanghui, a participant of the Party Committee and also the Replacement General Supervisor of Pinggao Team Co., Ltd., suggested that from the international procedure cycle of the power storage system, lengthy-term energy storage space, as well as shared energy storage, might be the essential method to resolve the issue of energy storage space prices. He believes that long-lasting energy storage space can boost the efficiency of the energy storage space warm management system, and the number of battery filling might be increased from the present 6000-7000 to 12,000 times.

According to Xu Guanghui, the life of electrical equipment can generally reach 40 years. Suppose the number of battery movies of the energy storage space system can reach 12,000 times. In that case, the system life will also reach 40 years, so the operating expense can be significantly decreased. Change the battery halfway.

And also sharing energy storage space is likewise an alternative to improve the use effectiveness of energy storage systems and decrease brand-new energy costs in the whole culture. Lei Bing pointed out that sharing energy storage energy has a more efficient organizing procedure, more manageable security, and top quality, which is conducive to advertising energy storage and also coming to be an independent complementary service provider. The power source use rate effectively enhances the security qualities of the grid under high infiltration and the capacity to eat brand-new energy.

The scale of electrochemical power storage in my country has continued to enhance; compared with pumping, electrochemical energy storage still has the negative aspects of low collective installed power generation capability and high cost. Although electrochemical energy storage devices are currently trustworthy in terms of performance, it still needs to be constantly reviewed regarding equipment economy, business, and safety designs. Zheng Yaodong, a special specialist in China Southern Power Grid Company, thinks that pumping storage space is still the central pressure of power storage space in the anticipated future.

Pump storage

Improve the power rate device, as well as check out the brand-new organization participation version

The rating system and profit design are still the major oppositions of power storage space growth.

User -side storage

Zheng Yaodong thinks that the current development of new energy storage space is dealing with a series of challenges such as lack of preparation, -demonstration, trouble in operating and single application models, and poor worth play. Power grid-side energy storage space has difficulty in commercial use, the energy storage space side of power generation is fierce, the leads for earnings doubt, the unique side power storage design is solitary, and the profit room is limited.

Liu Yanlong directed that the brand-new power storage space power terminal can participate in various power markets as market entities. Independent power storage power terminals send out power to the power grid.

Along with the individual's side energy storage "top-cutting valley," peak change and frequency regulation are the core worths of power storage. Yin Shuo, the deputy supervisor of the Proving ground of the Economic and Technological Research Center of the State Grid Henan Province, introduced that due to the present frequency of changes in power-supporting solution standards, the income of power storage is highly unsure. In addition, the economic situation of energy storage and optimal change can progressively show up after a further decrease in energy storage space costs.

Energy storage

At the same time, power storage space is a lot more challenging to make revenue when taking part in the area market. In March 2022, Shandong District took the lead in advertising 4 independent power storage space power stations in China to get involved in place purchases.

From the viewpoint of the power catalog of electrical energy purchased by commercial and also industrial individuals, the rate difference between the commercial as well as business peaks of Henan and various other provinces is also hovering near the limit worth of 0.7 yuan/kWh, and also the revenue room is unclear.

To lead the expense of energy storage space, the state and city governments have successfully presented a collection of procedures in the past 2 years to boost further the Ruki electrical power rate mechanism and power-supporting solution market rules. In July 2021, the "Notification on Further Improving the moment Electric Cost Mechanism" released by the National Advancement and also Reform Payment needed to additional enhance the peak and valley power price device and also moderately establish the difference between height and also valley electrical power costs, as well as specify that the height difference rate of the system surpasses 40%. The price difference between valley electrical energy is not less than 4: 1; various other places are not less than 3: 1 in principle.

In May 2022, the National Advancement and Reform Compensation and the National Power Management issued the "Notice on Additional Promoting the Power Market and Dispatching of New Power Storage Space as well as Dispatching." Shown independent energy storage can offer assistive services, and the additional service charge is based upon the "Management Steps for Electricity Accessory Solution" and" That offers, that earn a profit, that benefits, which will certainly bear "is reasonably formed by associated power generation side grid -linked text as well as electricity users.

For exactly how to boost the electricity cost system of Height Valley, Yin Shuo recommends creating the peak as well as valley time-oriented electrical power rate policy that is compatible with the balance of power supply and also demand and also designing the peak as well as valley duration in time according to the load features of the power system tons, system change power, power supply and also demand to stand, etc. Bring up the price of power heights and valleys, as well as take into consideration the style seasonal electrical energy cost device and peak electricity price device.

He also proposed encouraging independent power storage space power plants and brand-new power companies to proactively check out new business cooperation designs, such as negotiation between both events to establish the percentage of electrical energy supporting solution income distribution and also write a lease arrangement.

Enhance security technology and also locate brand-new battery materials

Safety is a lifeline for power storage development. Only by the much better defense can the power storage market develop much better.

Sun Jinhua, an academician of the Academy of Sciences and a professor at the University of Science and also Modern Technology of China, summed up the 3 lines of protection that required power storage space regarding security technology:

1. The main body security of the battery

2. The safety of the use process

3. Fire security

In addition to enhancing the safety of the battery itself from the point of view of materials, it is additionally necessary to establish mistake diagnostic technology. At the same time, it is necessary to establish efficient fire extinguishing technology which can efficiently manage the fire at the beginning of the fire. Sunlight Jinhua introduced that to boost the efficiency of fire extinguishing; the fire is needed to snuff out the fire when the fire occurs rapidly and then constantly cool down the battery to stop the battery from reuniting.

Sun Jinhua noted that there are currently no mature remedies such as the fire qualities and spreading attributes of battery collections worldwide.

While continually enhancing the safety of lithium batteries, the market is constantly looking for resources apart from lithium. A magnesium battery is a possible choice. Frying pan Fusheng, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Design and a teacher at Chongqing College, recommended that magnesium resources are extremely abundant, with low cost, high security, and equal gas thickness compared to lithium and also lithium batteries. Today, the growth of magnesium batteries is still short, and there will certainly be better development capacity in the future.

At this seminar, the "Southern Energy Observation" publication and the China Chemical and also Physical Power Sector Organization Power Storage Application Branch collectively sponsored the power storage space as well as the power market special session (and EO round table) to concentrate on talking about the relationship in between power storage and also power market, shared storage Can wait for issues.

As well as sharing power storage is likewise an option to improve the usage efficiency of energy storage systems and reduce new power prices in the entire society. Lei Bing pointed out that sharing energy storage space power has a more effective organizing procedure, even more, manageable safety and security, and top quality, which is conducive to promoting energy storage space and becoming an independent supporting service company. In enhancement to the customer's side power storage space, "optimal-reducing valley," peak adjustment, and frequency policy are the core values of energy storage space. In enhancement, the economic climate of power storage and optimal adjustment can progressively appear after more energy storage prices decrease.

Magnesium battery



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