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what is the advantages of lithium battery?

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what is the advantages of lithium battery?

First. Gravitational Energy Density

At present, It is well know that the biggest advantage of lithium batteries is that they have relatively high energy and high storage energy density, which has reached 460-600Wh/kg, which is about 6-7 times that of lead-acid batteries; the weight of lithium-ion batteries is the same as that of nickel-cadmium batteries. Or half of NiMH battery, the volume is 20-30% of NiCd and 35-50% of NiMH.

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Second. Light weight

Lithium batteries are much smaller and lighter than lead batteries. Under the same model, the weight of the lithium battery is between one tenth and one sixth that of the lead battery.

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Third. long lasting

The life of lithium batteries on the market is generally about 5 to 6 years, which is longer than that of ordinary lead-acid batteries, the average number of charge and discharge cycles is 3500 times, and the life cycle is about 6000 times.so there is no need to worry about replacing the battery in the short term, unless there is an accident, or driving under extreme road conditions for a long time. Battery life is still reliable

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Fourth, High rated voltage

Lithium battery nominal voltage is 3.2V or 3.7V, the highest voltage is 4.2V, Approximately equal to the series voltage of 3 NiCd or NiMH batteries,which is convenient to form a battery power pack; the voltage matching of the battery pack is flexible; the battery pack voltage and capacity required by the design can be achieved by connecting multiple cells in series and parallel.

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Hope the above information could help you. Next , we’ll show you the other three advantages of lithium battery.

Fifth. High and low temperature adaptability

Terli Lithium batteries can be used in the environment of -20℃--60℃, and can be used in the environment of -45℃ after technical treatment;

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Sixth. Price

The processing requirements of lithium batteries are much higher than that of lead batteries, and the requirements for electrolytes are also higher than that of lead batteries. Not only that, but also in terms of electrode materials, the cost of lithium batteries will also be higher.                  Currently, lithium batteries are about twice as expensive as lead-acid batteries. However, combined with the service life analysis, the service life of lithium batteries is still longer at the same cost.

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Seventh. national policy

Lead-acid batteries are very harmful to the environment due to the production process or waste batteries. Therefore, from the perspective of national policies, the expansion and reinvestment of lead-acid batteries are restricted, or the use of lead-acid batteries in certain fields is restricted. In the future, the trend of replacing lead-acid batteries with lithium batteries will become more and more obvious, and the progress will gradually accelerate.

lipo4 battery 48v 200ah

Hope the above information could help you !!!

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