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What is BMS in lifepo4 battery?

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What is BMS in lifepo4 battery?

BMS is called Battery Management System in lifepo4 battery area.


As we all know, every solar battery has BMS (Battery Management System) inside which could offer protection of over charged/over discharged, over current and over temperature. Once the data exceeds normal settings, the BMS will start the managing function automatically to prevent the battery from being damaged or short circuit.

Inside the battery, the lithium battery mainly uses the prismatic cells of 3.2v 200ah, and this is our battery cell. Each battery consists of 16pcs cells. When the battery is in charging, the battery cells voltage reaches 3.2v, then the smart BMS will open cells balance function, to match each cells voltage in the same level. It is better for the whole battery pack performance and life. And, the battery is rechargeable, it could be charged through grid; also, in a hybrid solar system, solar panels produce electricity for household loads, and excess electricity is sold to the national grid or stored in batteries for emergency needs.

So, it is really convenient and safe for daily life.

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Standard BMS in 48V powerwall

I will introduce you our 48V lithium battery:Powerwall. It has 50ah 100ah 150ah 200ah 300ah now, 


we also have customized service:size,color ,capacity,pattern,logo...


Compared to the traditional battery, this one has standard BMS inside,and LCD Screen outside, so it is more convenient for us to monitor the battery status .

First, let us turn on the button. We could see the information through LCD screen. 

Let's see first one. We can check the Battery power,work voltage,16s cell Voltage from 1 to 16, Temperature and Cell Capacity. 


Now we check it one by one. First it is the battery power. It is 10kw,also call 9600w.

Next is work voltage, Now it's 53V. Cause our battery work is 48V~54V. 

Next one is the cell voltage, we could see that there are 16pcs inside, each one is 3.2v 200Ah, as the capacity of powerwall is 48V 200Ah. Next one is the cell capacity, enter it, and we can see that the SOC, it means Status of Capacity, now it is 90.76%; Fcc means Full Charge Capacity,now it is 200ah. RM means Remaining capacity,now it is 183.3ah.

The Next one is Temperature, enter it , and we can see there are 4 temperature datas. Because we have 4 temperature detectors in the battery.

So, it is really convenient to check the status of the battery during your daily life.

If you’re worry about that you have no idea about how long it could work after power cut, then buy one, it won't be a problem anymore.

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Cost-effective bms in 48V powerwall

Now, I’m gonna to show you another kind of Cost-effective bms 100ah powerwall for you.


This one can be combined with bluetooth and wifi. You could also monitor the battery status through the screen.


Turn on the Power button, then we could see the information through the screen. This one means the status of capacity. And this means the battery voltage, and this one is battery capacity. Compared to our standard one, it would be a little more cost-effective.

Anyway, you could get the one that would be the most suitable for you in our company.

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