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Some introductions about the types and characteristics of the energy storage battery

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Some introductions about the types and characteristics of the energy storage battery

energy storage battery

The energy storage battery refers to the battery that used in solar power generation equipment, wind power generation equipment and renewable energy system.The energy storage battery is mainly used for storing electrical energy. As the external power supply,the energy storage battery will not fluctuate as much as the power battery. What's more, the storage battery has the advantages of stable output,small discharge current, long discharge time and long service life, which is generally about 5 years.

Types of the energy storage battery                                                                                                                                            

The common energy storage battery is a lead-acid battery(Lithium-ion energy storage batteries which use lithium iron phosphate as the cathode material are being gradually developed). The typs of the lead-acid battery are as follow:                

1. Lead-acid battery with vented device:  capable of rehydration and gas evolution on the battery cover.                                      

2. Lead-acid battery with valve-regulated device: each battery is sealed, but has a valve that allows gas to escape when the internal pressure exceeds a certain value. 

3.Lead-acid battery with colloidal electrolyte: using colloidal electrolyte to store power

 store power

Characteristics of the energy storage battery                                                                                                                        

1. High and low temperature adaptability: can be used in the environment of -30℃--60℃                                                                 2.Low temperature performance: can be used even in low temperature areas                                                                               3.The battery pack voltage and capacity required by the design can be achieved by connecting multiple cells in series and parallel                                                                                                                                                                                        

1. Strong charging acceptance ability even in unstable charging environment                                                                                  5.Long life, less repair and maintenance costs, and lower overall system investment

storage battery

The electrical energy of wind energy and solar energy storage battery is mainly from natural conversion, cannot be completely controlled.Although there is a controller, the status of the battery directly affects the charging. Therefore, the uncontrollable factor is terrible for batteries. In fact, charge acceptance is important for energy storage batteries.

wind energy

Generally, the power of solar panels or fans is limited,so, the function of the energy storage battery is to turn the limited energy into electrical power. And it depends on the acceptance of battery. By the way, the service life of  lead-acid batteries is combined with the charge acceptance. Poor charging acceptance will directly affect the life of the battery.

energy storage battery



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